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Are_grits_groceries's Journal
Are_grits_groceries's Journal
April 30, 2019

Shit maybe going down in Venezuela.

#Venezuela’s @jguaido says troops have joined him to end @NicolasMaduro presidency
April 24, 2019


This is going to be an arduous and politically explosive process. There are ZERO Republicans who will fulfill their constitutional duty. When Nixon was impeached, there were some and that made it a little easier.

Once this starts, we will be on a train that may just runaway. Do not underestimate the tricks in DC that will be used and the Trumpkins throughout the country.

They charges should be investigated and the strongest ones laid out and broadcast far and wide. We cannot afford to go forward with a even a somewhat weak charge. They will beat that one to death.
IMO there should be constitutional lawyers(or those best qualified) preparing the case to be as thorough and tight as possible. It should be done with all deliberate speed.
Mueller’s report helps but Congress has to see the unredacted version. Who knows what awaits there?

In addition, it is time for the Dems and the chairs to lay down the hammer on not receiving documents and other problems that are processes mandated by our laws. They need to study the rules used in Congress and find ANY point that can be used against Trump and the GOP. Then they should be on national news EVERY DAY forcefully pointing out the refusal of the GOP to adhere to the rules. Trumpkins won’t care but the other voters who can decide the election will hear it and take note.

In addition, every effort should be made to get McConnell out of office. Taking over the senate would be best, but turn the rules on him like he twists them now. His announcement that he will block everything if Trump is elected is tantamount to blackmail and whatever else.

Do not make it easy on Trump. AND the Dems have got to get people out front strongly pushing the message. I would not use Pelosi or Schumer except to introduce newer faces. There are several people who can present a relatable but stern front. Katie Porter comes to mind. Barbara Lee is another.

These are just some suggestions. I know you can pick everything apart. We CANNOT go into this without being fully prepared and anticipating as much as possible.

I do not believe this will be as easy as 1-2-3 and off to the Senate it will go.

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