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Member since: Thu Jan 22, 2009, 04:35 PM
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So what is Trump going to do when he loses same day voting as well as mail-in?

His gambit right now is obvious - he believes that he will have a lead on election night in votes cast and counted on Nov. 3rd. He then plans to claim all votes NOT counted by sometime on the 4th (presumably he does not plan to wait until much past Alaska and Hawaii closing their polls? It's not really clear now, but most of the rest is...) are somehow illegitimate and should NOT be counted, thus suing his way to the Supreme Court and a 6-3 partisan ruling installing him for a second term.

The pure lunacy of that is obvious after more than 30 seconds of reflection, but that is not stopping him from promoting it as his "strategy", now obviously since he stopped campaigning FOR the Presidency and is just actively torpedoing everything in sight now in an attempt to bring down the entire voting system at all.

But this all hinges on him actually winning in same-day totals and that is far from a sure thing at any rate. So what does he do when he finds out that not only do people hate his guts, but that are voting him out of office and into prison?

I hope he takes the coward's way out...
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