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Power to the people.

Power to the people.

IMO,TPTB know this and have really just came "out of the closet" with this disgusting practice.

The current technology (drones) has made it difficult to hide their ongoing practice of eradicating anyone who stands in opposition. They also know that this will lead to either, complete control (likely), WW III, or both.
Either way it will allow them to implement martial law (perhaps globally) for our own protection of course.
"The enemy" (anyone who resists) has already (conveniently) captured a few drones and can reverse engineer all that they want to(it wouldn't surprise me if "we" covertly pay for this).
When drone attacks reach our shores (which should be soon), then of course, martial law will become necessary. Mass incarcerations for all who resist. Bechtel, Halliburton, etc.. will get massive, "cost plus" contracts to build (more) detention camps. Slave labor will produce all that is needed for those not incarcerated.
A new era of complete world dominance will be born. Our masters and the necessary administrators will have complete control. Just imagine Nazi Germany on a world scale.
Just another conspiracy theory....
Fear is the enemy of freedom.

The "NEW RELIGION"...."I'll pray for you."

It used to be that most people who claimed (and acted accordingly) religion, would be inconveienced to "do the right thing." If they knew of a travesty being committed against a friend or (often) an acquantance they would ACT to help. Often this meant being "inconvenieced" by travelling to an out-of-state court or just "being there" to tell the truth.
I have lately noticed that many people who claim to be very religious, are much more concerned with their well being and the perception that others have of them. Sure, They'll take a few hours a week to attend Church (their peers are there) or to help out in a soup kitchen (their peers do). When it comes to really making a difference and sacrificing their comfort zone, forget it.
If they have a friend or family member that is being accused of illegal or even immoral behavior, even if they KNOW the charges are false and/or can prove it, the thought of being seen (?) in a court of law, disagreeing with the court, is "distasteful" and possibly embarassing. So "I'l pray for you" seems to take the place of "I'll be there for you." Usually this is accompanied by many reasons that they "can't be there." Or how inconvenient it would be for them to actualy be there. They'll gladly write-up (a useless) letter attesting to your character or innocence, yet they are too self-involved to be inconvenienced.
As a person of conviction, which most truly religious people used to be, the thought of an injustice being committed against someone you can help (by simply telling the truth) was an opportunity to show "WWJD." Todays people of religion(?) will help as long as they are not inconveniced.....what a shame and IMO antithetical to the Christian teachings.

Does anyone have any information on the new law

(passed almost unaniously) that criminalizes political protests? On RT tee vee, they were saying that political protesting is now a felony. I do know that the 1st ammendment to the constitution guarantees us this right (obligation) to peacefully assemble and seek redress for our grievances. I find that if a new law, criminalizing our rights as concerned citizens, has passed, then our only recourse would be an eventual civil war that the 99% could not hope to win. Please, someone educate me.

What I find so amazingly, obviously ignorant (actually, I can't even describe it)

by the people who vote for Newt, is the fact that he was banned from ever holding public office again, when he was fired from Congress. They actually passed a bill (the ethics committee), banning Newt from holding any elected office.
When the repugs were trying to keep the mobster, Tom Delay, in office, they did away with this bill. This allowed newt to run for POTUS. Hell, he couldn't even run for dog-catcher before that.
Knowing how corrupt most of "our" politicians are, Newt must have been caught for some heavy shit. This is the true state of our (orgainized crime) government. Pushing for a monster to run as POTUS.
We, the people, have no choice about who TPTB allow to be "our" leaders. If we did, we would choose moral, "people before profits" citizens. Instead we are always presented with the "lesser of two evils", which we are to believe that we actually decide upon.
We do "on-line banking," yet are unable to have "hack-proof" electronic voting? How long will Americans allow themselves to be puppets?
Really, we ALL know it is a lie, yet we participate, following "their" rules. We are cowardly idiots. I apologize for the negativity. I just get tired of the "illusion" that we all ignore.

The wealth gap is increasing faster than ever.

While reading a story on MSN MONEY this morning I found myself disguted again and realizing how important OWS is to the 99% of Americans. Here is an important excerpt.
The CEOs who made my final cut pull down vast amounts of money -- from $60 million to $145 million in a single year -- so you may find the size of the pay gaps astonishing.

The top CEOs on my list were making $33,000 to $48,000 per hour, compared with $18 to $30 an hour for their workers. That means the CEOs earned as much in 75 minutes as a typical employee made in an entire year. (And that's giving CEOs a break, assuming a 60-hour workweek with two weeks of vacation a year, compared with workers' 40-hour weeks.)

Put another way, the ratios of CEO pay to worker pay ran as high as 2,500-to-1, compared with 180-to-1 on average at S&P 500 companies. The latter number itself has climbed from around 40 on average in the 1980s.

And the three biggest pay gaps I found are are at companies in health care -- at a time when rising health care costs are crushing many family budgets.

It is clear that with
CITIZENS UNITED and corporate owned politicians our only "choice," unless we take to the streets, en masse, and stay there until, YES, the wealth is redistributed, America is an illusion that is antiquated. We are slaves for the unjustly overpaid, wealthy.


Above is a link to this short MSN article. Please use the links and check-out the study on CEO pay that was done just last month. It is very disheartening and the "health-care" insurance CEO's are the most exorbitantly overpaid. If we had universal healthcare, their salaries and bonuses could pay for the first few years.
This study makes it abundantly clear that the middle class (soon to be the poor) and the already poor (monetarily) are suffering at historic levels.

We must show our strength, in the streets, until these corporate politicians actually represent the citizens.
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