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Betty Karlson

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Member since: Sun Jul 5, 2009, 02:37 PM
Number of posts: 7,231

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The alert-stalking is reaching disgusting levels. I'm done with this site.

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There is plenty she can do to win my vote.

But paying lipservice to something she will abandon at the first chance she gets isn't one of them.

Here is the key-word for winning my support: UNEQUIVOCAL.

You want my vote? Then I want to be able to trust Clinton.

You want me to trust her? Then she has to become unequivocal in her championing of positions I hold dear.

And that would start with the big trust-winner of them all: "I was wrong".

For Clinton to win my trust, she has to say, clearly, that she was wrong to oppose my marriage rights, and EXPLAIN why she changed her mind. If that is "I changed my mind because the polls changed" I might not like the answer as much as an "epiphanous moment", but at least I would know that she is for once speaking the truth.

For Clinton to win my trust, she has to clearly say: "I was wrong to promote the TPP, and here is why" and explain what she will do to bury that piece of sovereignty-undermining corporation-coddling.

For Clinton to win my trust, she has to clearly say: "I was wrong to give signs to Wall Street that I was for sale, and take bribe-sized speaking fees from them. From here on, my Wall Street policies will be copied straight from Elizabeth Warren's recommendations. Here are some examples, which I promise to implement IN FULL! And while we ladies are at it, I promise to let Bernie have a field day with Citizens United."

For Clinton to win my trust, she has to clearly say: "Third Way is over. It should certainly not presume to rule the Democratic Party anymore. Which is why I have asked president Obama to dismiss the current useless chair, and appoint someone not in the pay of laon sharks and prison industry to replace her with immediate effect."

For Clinton to win my trust, she has to clearly say: "I was wrong on Iraq, wrong on Syria, wrong on Libya. I took the wrong advice from the wrong kind of so-called friends. I disavow those friends, and from hereon, I will take better advice, specifically from such-and-such."

I could go on, but you get my drift. For Clinton to win my vote, she'd have to start disavowing the things she did wrong. "but we must look forward now and by the way I have ovaries" will not woo me.
Posted by Betty Karlson | Sun Apr 24, 2016, 03:52 PM (64 replies)
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