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Gender: Male
Hometown: Frankfurt am Main
Home country: Germany
Current location: Tacoma, Washington
Member since: Sat Jul 18, 2009, 11:55 AM
Number of posts: 22,593

About Me

Ran for US Congress in 1990 from the left. Chairperson of 1989 city advisory initiative calling for 10% reduction in military spending to be divided among deficit reduction and mass transit and social services. Being a miliary town nobody thought we'd get on the balllot let alone win with 64% of the vote. Former chair of peace and justice project for a UMC congregation in Tacoma, Washington.

Journal Archives

This is catholic schools week

we need to fight against private education. I was a product of 8 years of private catholic school education. For all of those 8 years, all the school did was tell us how much better we were than our public school counterparts! We were also taught that our faith was the only right one and that others were precluded from eternal life! The teachers looked with disdain on public school students. On Saturdays kids from the public schools came in to receive religious instruction. Usually at some point during the week when a private school kid was missing something or something was broken, the teachers would lay the blame on the public school students who came in on Saturday's

My wife wound up working for private schools for 14 years. First of all they pay nothing like the public schools. Secondly they treat their employees like shit. One principal told my wife and fellow staff members that "teachers are a dime a dozen" One principal told my wife that she "had no right to be pregnant because it will cost the school extra money for substitutes" There are no employment protections in the private system and this is what this administration wants to go back to. We made it a point to NEVER send our children to a private school. In the 26 years of being in the public system, they each received a world class education.

Private schools are a breeding ground for racists, climate deniers, christo-fascists and those wishing to feed at the corporate trough of privatized education. FUCK ALL PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!!

How long do you think trump will last in office?

Trump's successes so far:

So the orange self absorbed man boy has been President for what two weeks now? So far his successes include:

A dismally attended inauguration, lying about it and then having protests against him his very first day in office that massively exceeded the crowds that came to adore him.

Sparking massive instant protests to a wrong headed immigration policy'

Being 0-5 in the courts regarding his Presidential actions

Pissing off China, Mexico, Australia and god knows how many other nations

Making the operations of the White House a total cluster fuck job

Comes in with the worst approval rating of any president since polling began

Has a majority disapproval rating in 8 days beating the old record by 726 days

Decimating the career folks at the State Department

Most of all and worst of all; making the world a more dangerous place and trashing the constitution

and it's only been two weeks, I have four words to say:

GOD HELP US ALL!!! Feel free to add to this list!

This is it

Alright folks, after a wild and hard fought Democratic primary, the craziness of the Republican primary and then having to listen to the sycophant, racist, misogynist, it's almost done!!!

It's been a brutal campaign and I am sure I am like many, I am on pins and needles and in awe of what once again we the people are about to partake in!

Of course my vote is vested in Hillary and I stand with all Democrats everywhere.

My charge to my fellow DU'ers everywhere: work hard, campaign with joy and dignity tomorrow
and be gentle with those around you and when it's all done:

Celebrate long and with gusto and vision for what is come! Let's have a Blue wave and move our nation forward!!!

Good wishes, good luck and thanks for all who have worked, toiled and invested their hearts and spirit in this campaign and come Wednesday may our joy be complete!!!!


Mike C

Alright DU'ers prediction time

how electoral votes do you think Hillary Clinton will win tomorrow night?

Today would have been my mothers 83rd birthday

My mom was born in November of 1933 in Frankfurt Germany. When she was 9 years old Hitler made her and all the children (the future of the 1,000 year Reich) leave the cities so as not to be impacted by Allied bombing. Because of the lack of transportation, she had to walk for miles and miles in the Bavarian Mountain snow. The results of this is that she got frostbite and when she was pregnant with me, the change of hormones caused that frost bite to turn to gangrene and she had to have her left leg amputated with just local anesthetics in order to save my life.

She married an American soldier who was sent to Vietnam in 1961 and was shot soon after that and caused my mom to become a widow at 29 years of age. She later had a stroke at 39 when I was 16 and passed away.

I share this because first of all, I want to honor what she went through and her courage, but also because of the lessons she taught me. I have thought about her often during this election. Growing up she had warned me about how Hitler incrementally rose to power and often when some one was speaking on tv she would point out the dangers of what they were saying. Many of the things she warned me about are some of the same attitudes and sort of statements Mr. Trump has made during this campaign.

She instilled in a great passion for peace and justice and even more importantly the need and duty to take part in the civic conversion of our community

I can only imagine what she went through; being torn from her family at age 9, living half her childhood in a war like state, losing a limb, emigrating to a strange country, becoming a war widow at 29 with a young son to raise by herself. Well done good and faithful servant!!

I wish to honor her memory, courage and spirit by accepting that great right we all have as citizens and getting out to VOTE!!! For Hillary and I ask you to join me!!!

I am depressed

When I came to the US and saw those words on the Statue of Liberty: "Give me your tired, your poor..."
my parents has explained to me the thoughts and intentions behind that prose. I grew up off and on between the US and Germany. Much of my youth had my German relatives telling me how lucky I am to live in such a great nation as the US. My mom explained to me the basic human decency and lofty goals of the ingrained culture of the United States.

Yes, there have been other periods of shame in the US, but never have I seen or heard or lived through such a vile campaign as this. How can 35-40% of the US support Trump. I wish those same people would interview survivors of German life during the 30's, I wish they would break bread with those who struggled for civil rights in the 60's and I wish they would immerse themselves in higher minds and goals of many who have shaped this nation.

As a European and having been back there in the past 15 months, so many of our European neighbors have expressed to me how astounded they are that this is one of our nominees. Gone is civility, gone is a certain sense of decency in our political discourse. Gone is an adult discussion of the problems, goals, dreams and potential of our nation. Instead we are left with the tawdry details of a sexual pervert, self aggrandizer, dishonest, belligerent, racist misogynist. God help the USA.

Re: Trump's PTSD Veterans Statement

Fuck you Donald Trump.

My father was born in 1926 and graduated from high school and immediately enlisted for World War II and served in Germany. Having been born and grew up in Manhattan he had a knack for languages and by the time he went to Europe he was fluent in German, French and Polish.

Following his stint in the war he made the military his career and spent the next several years posing as a clerk in an East German hotel and passed on info to the US Military intelligence. He was also sent to Korea and finally to Vietnam early in 1961 when there were just a few military personnel there. Mainly advisors and communications experts of which he was one. He was hit by sniper fire and came home injured with high blood pressure and other wounds.

One of my earliest memories of him was waking at night, in the middle of the night and seeing him pacing around the apartment. He never did sleep much specially at night. Yes he had what we would now recognize as PTSD. He was strong, he was adept and smart, but he was also physically and mentally wounded.

To complete this narrative, one of the most searing memories of him was being awakened late at night and when I got to the living room seeing fireman working on him, and of me being raced to the neighbors as we hurried on the snow slicked sidewalks one week before Christmas of 1964.

My father died that night at 38 years of age from his wounds that he received while serving his nation. I was 7 years old.

My request to you Mr. Trump, a candidate who is crooked, dishonest and self serving. A candidate who is rude, vile and demeaning...when it comes to veteran's issues or of those dealing with veterans families: Not only have you never served, never been effected personally you haven't even paid a dime to help our military so please, STFU!!!

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