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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Frankfurt am Main
Home country: Germany
Current location: Tacoma, Washington
Member since: Sat Jul 18, 2009, 11:55 AM
Number of posts: 22,593

About Me

Ran for US Congress in 1990 from the left. Chairperson of 1989 city advisory initiative calling for 10% reduction in military spending to be divided among deficit reduction and mass transit and social services. Being a miliary town nobody thought we'd get on the balllot let alone win with 64% of the vote. Former chair of peace and justice project for a UMC congregation in Tacoma, Washington.

Journal Archives

Ok then it's time to start vehemntly protesting churches

and anti abortion leaders places of residence. No buffer zone, well then game on. Revile, shame, scream at folks from churches that do the same to Planned Parenthood clients. Make them walk the gauntlet with their children as they go to Mass or their fundy or Mormon services.

I had emergency surgery on Saturday....

I had severe bladder and uretha infections and passed out in the shower and woke up in a pool of blood. I passed out from the pain. I got emergency surgery at the best hospital in Tacoma and was told when I checked out this morning that the bill will probably about 25K thank God I have insurance. It will cost me 450.00 but what if I didn't? I was born in Germany and grew up with universal health care. Never a problem and I had a very serious illness as an infant. Superb treatment and care. It floors me, that we in the US don't push harder for single payer. Just think we wouldn't be beholden to our work for health care. I personally feel that this is human rights violation on the part of the US Government. EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO WHAT I DID ON SATURDAY AND NOT HAVE TO BE INDEBTED FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!!!

To all public schools!

Please allow me a personal entry. Today is graduation day for our daughter Julia. Our two children were born 11 years apart from each other, so this will be the first time in 24 years that we do not have a child in the public school system.

I wanted to take a moment as I reflect and thank all the public schools of the United States for the excellent work that they do and apologize for the all the nastiness that has been thrown their way these past 30 or so years. In an effort to privatize the school systems for a few to make major profit, public schools and teachers have been demonized, demeaned and denigrated so that the right can make a profit of what has always been and should stay a staple of our society (the right to a free education) You have done amazing work through the ages and have lots to be proud of.

I want to particularly thank the Tacoma School District #10. With your hands increasingly tied, funding cut and a concerted effort by big business to see you fail, you have done just the opposite with our children.

We were the victims of a house fire when our son was 7 and you responded with practical and counseling help so quickly and efficiently. When our daughter had seizures, you accommodated her needs and did it seamlessly.

Most of all you have been an extension of us, encouraged them to learn, reveled in their success, aided them in their struggles and helped them learn what community is all about.

On this graduation day, the success is not only Julia's but your as well. Thank you to all teachers, staff and administration of ALL public schools.

And to the graduates: take what you have leaned and give back!
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