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Member since: Mon Sep 7, 2009, 12:57 AM
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Andrew Marr Interviews Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Marr introduced this interview on Sunday as a chance for people outside Scotland (a.k.a. "the rest of the UK" to get to know Sturgeon, whose SNP members of parliament may or may not play a pivotal role after the General Election.

Fox "Terrorism Expert" Steve Emerson Says Listening to His Own Words Is "Like Waterboarding"

Steve Emerson, Fox's "terrorism expert" who's been ridiculed mercilessly, along with Fox News, on the Twitter hashtag #FOXNEWSFACTS and by UK Prime Minister David Cameron for his claims that the UK city of Birmingham is "totally Muslim," is at it again.

He went on Sky News to apologize for his earlier remarks. It ... didn't go so well.

Steven Emerson, Fox News pundit and "terrorism expert", has likened listening back to his incorrect comments on Birmingham as "like waterboarding" in another gaffe today.

While speaking on Sky News Mr Emerson apologised for his "inexcusable error" after he described Birmingham as a city that non-Muslims "simply don't go" into, but then caused further controversy by saying "hearing it over when you played it was like waterboarding I guess".

When it was mentioned that some people may find that analogy offensive Mr Emerson replied "I didn't mean to offend anyone...I deserved to have experienced the pain of listening to it over again".

(Original article plus video here (warning: autoplay ad): http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11341426/Fox-News-terror-expert-Listening-back-Birmingham-Muslim-error-like-waterboarding.html )

Video with no ad here: http://news.sky.com/story/1406714/fox-commentator-gaffe-like-waterboarding

He also claimed to have received numerous death threats. I've no idea whether that's another of those #FOXNEWSFACTS.
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