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Black women fueled a grassroots movement in Alabama - and may remake state politics

SELMA, Ala. — The door of the Dodge Charger could not be closed. Jarvis, the 36-year-old black man wearing a red hoodie in the passenger seat was a potential voter. He’d praised Ainka Jackson’s efforts moments earlier.

“I love what y’all are doing!” Jarvis yelled. Jackson had squeezed between the Charger and a pickup truck to keep Jarvis from closing the door and driving off.

Jarvis said he understood that voting in Tuesday’s special election for Alabama’s open Senate seat mattered, but he hadn’t cast his ballot as of that afternoon. Speaking with Jackson, he expressed sympathy for Alabama’s homeless population. He wants to help, he said.

“MLK, [he] died doing this stuff,” Jarvis said to Jackson. Civil rights leaders in the 1960s were beaten for demanding a right to vote two miles from where he stood. “It’s time for us to step up.”



Will Drabold @WillDrabold

I drove 500 miles around Alabama in three days to report this. I hope you'll check it out: https://mic.com/articles/186790/black-women-fueled-a-grassroots-movement-in-alabama-and-may-remake-state-politics#.4XiHnRkY6

Watch Roy Moore's victory party turn sour (Tweet)


Apologies to those who don't do Twitter - no way to un-embed the video.

(Note: If anyone's having problems getting the video to play on DU, click on the time and date at the bottom of the tweet, and it should play OK on Twitter.)

Facebook version, if anyone can't get the above to work: https://www.facebook.com/NowThisPolitics/videos/1826018474096301/

Favourite Brexit Memes Part 2

The original "Favourite Brexit Memes" thread's gotten so big that I've been reluctant to add more to it as it takes so long to load. It's here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/108810538

With yesterday's vote, I figured it might be time to start cataloguing them again. Join in if you want.

I think this'll do as the header graphic:

I have no idea why the non-dom tax-dodging multi-millionaire Rothermere family's so keen on a hard Brexit with no transition period. Maybe it's because they love the UK so much, maybe it's because the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive will come into force on 1 January 2019 and the EU's planning to clamp down on fat cats ripping us all off. Who can tell?

Anyway, judging by the front page of their daily rag, they're a bit miffed at yesterday's events in parliament, and it's time for a stiff dose of "Oh noes MARXISM!!!1!"

And yes, multi-millionaire-owned Daily Express, how dare these treacherous oafs disturb the flawlessly smooth progress towards Brexit chaos we've enjoyed so far?

To catch up a little, here's how Camley marked the "clinching" of Phase One:

And here's one entry in Scottish daily The National's competition when it published a blank front page under the headline "UK finally releases details of secret Brexit impact reports" and asked readers to fill it themselves:

Euston Station to become massive homeless shelter on Christmas Day

Euston station will open its doors to 200 homeless people on Christmas Day to offer them dinner and a place to sleep.

The concourse will be filled with decorations and tables will be laid out to serve guests a full Christmas dinner for the first time.

Around 30 volunteers from Network Rail will team up with homelessness charity St Mungo’s and Streets Kitchen to help run the event.

The station was set to be empty, with no trains running across the network until after Boxing Day.


Where to start?

A worthy charitable effort - but is 200 just the tip of the iceberg in that area of London?

What the hell sort of country have we become where this is normal?

David Davis has damaged trust in UK, says Verhofstadt

David Davis’s claim that the UK’s concessions in an agreement to move on the Brexit negotiations were merely a statement of intent has damaged trust and will see a hardening of positions in Brussels, the European parliament’s coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, has said.

The former Belgian prime minister claimed the Brexit secretary’s comments over the weekend were “unacceptable”, and undermined confidence in the British government’s trustworthiness.

The member states will now agree a tougher wording in their guidelines about the next stage of the talks, due to be signed off at a summit of leaders on Friday, Verhofstadt said.


“As someone said, it’s an own goal,” Verhofstadt said. “It is clear that the European council will be more strict now. It is saying: ‘Yeah, OK, these are our intentions, our commitments, we want these commitments translated into legal text before we make progress in the second stage.’ That is now the position of the council. I have seen a hardening of the position of the council and there will be a hardening of the position of the parliament.”


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