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I really don't need an apology!

But this thread isn't the first time on my thirty or so years on the Internet when I've read similar claims from Americans that "cunt" isn't a big deal in the UK. When I was in school, far too long ago, it was the worst insult you could call someone, an invite to a punch-up, and that's still true in most everyday contexts nowadays.

It's widely referred to as "the C-bomb", and its shocking impact is used deliberately for effect by some comedians, for instance.

In the context of Trump's visit, let's consider Janey Godley, a notoriously "earthy" Glasgow comedian.

She uses the "c-word" and others liberally in her act for effect. She achieved a degree of fame/notoriety during Trump's Turnberry visit in 2016 on the day after the Brexit vote:

I got out of the bus and stood proudly with my sign “TRUMP IS A CUNT” the cops saw my sign and harassed me into folding it up.

“haha now nobody will see your stupid poster” the cop said.

It went viral, the world saw it so fuck him.


Now here she is during Trump's latest visit:

If the word isn't considered offensive, then why would she play on the idea of self-censorship during this visit?

The photoshop in the OP is a play on Godley's earlier placard and the fuss it provoked - in fact the placard the Queen's "holding" is a clip of Godley's sign.

That's the joke!

Mrs. Denzil was at the George Square demo. Some pics from Twitter:

David Davis resigns as Brexit secretary [UPDATE: JOHNSON'S GONE TOO!]

It comes after Mr Davis is understood to have disagreed with Theresa May's plans for future customs arrangements with EU.

Tory Brexiteers have threatened to challenge the prime minister's leadership over a strategy agreed by ministers after 12 hours of closed talks at Chequers on Friday.

Some Conservative MPs told The Independent they believed there could be enough disgruntled MPs willing to trigger a leadership contest in a bid to remove Ms May.

But even if the 48 needed to oust Ms May materialised, a poll for The Independent showed a majority of the public would expect a general election to be called if Ms May goes.


I'd class this resignation as breaking news, so details are thin at the moment, but it's been confirmed by various outlets, including the BBC.
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