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"the Health Ministry produced its own timeline and pushback"

That "pushback", judging by its length, style and tone, didn't originate from the Health Ministry, but from Johnson's adviser Dominic Cummings, a major proponent of the initial "herd immunity" policy that would now be totally discredited if it didn't appear to be the last desperate hope, since the UK government has made no serious preparations for an emergence from the current lockdown and social isolation that doesn't involve mass infection, with the accompanying proportion of deaths.

It's the old dilemma between whether events as they've panned out were the result of a conspiracy or a cock-up. Quite possibly a bit of both. Here's Johnson in early February:

Oli Dugmore

Further evidence the UK’s initial coronavirus strategy was wilfully negligent.

Johnson argues global lockdown is an economic opportunity to profit.

Swashbuckling much.

[Twitter video]

It was born of the same demented delusion of Little Britain exceptionalism that fueled Brexit.

Jacob Rees-Mogg's investment firm set to make fortune from the coronavirus crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Somerset Capital Management, which the MP co-founded, says market volatility offers a “once or twice in a generation” opportunity to make “super normal returns”
The MP owns at least 15 per cent of a company investing in businesses hit by falling share values.

Somerset Capital Management says investors have a “once in a generation” chance of “super normal returns”.

Mr Rees-Mogg stood down as a director of SCM to become Leader of the House of Commons. SCM said it was focusing on clients’ long-term security.
As millions face financial misery, SCM managers are buying into businesses where valuations have tumbled – but should bounce back. Potential gains of 500 per cent are touted.
Investments so far include private hospitals in Brazil, pharmacies in South Africa and a firm behind a scanning device which checks if people are wearing masks in China.


The other "once or twice in a generation opportunity" would be Brexit. That's evidently on the back burner for now.
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