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Jennifer Arcuri admits four-year affair with serial love cheat Boris Johnson

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Arcuri reveals all about her four-year affair with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, including sexy pics and trips as the PM faces a probe over his conduct


The businesswoman says they slept together at the flat where she had a pole dancer’s pole.

She says they met up once a week at the height of the affair, she sent arty topless pictures and admits: “I loved him. I adored him.”

Jennifer reveals a mutual “physical and intellectual attraction”. They shared a love of Shakespeare, she codenamed him Alexander the Great, and she says he loved her body and mind and “couldn’t keep his hands off me” on their first tryst.

But ultimately, she says, he was a “cowardly wet noodle” for not standing by her in the row over her presence on foreign trade trips.

Probably MUCH more than you ever wanted to know here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-affair-jennifer-arcuri-23798478

Politicians' sex lives seldom interest me much unless they're guilty of hypocrisy or some sort of violence. Johnson's involvement with Arcuri is more germane because it reflects his behaviour as Mayor of London and financial questions that have been raised before now. The controversy over foreign trade trips in the last sentence above is one example, and the article later comments: "The Greater London Authority probe will examine whether he breached the Nolan Principles of Public Life. It will examine whether he behaved with 'honesty and integrity', whether Jennifer was given 'preferential treatment' and if there was any conflict of interest which should have been declared."

Arcuri seems to feel wronged in a variety of ways, criticizes Johnson for not being willing to be upfront about his personal and business relationship with her, and basically labels him a wimp for not being man enough to brazen the situation out.

Will this sum up to anything more than another glitch for Johnson? Probably not. He already has a reputation as a bit of a cad, and like the rest of his party, seems like Teflon when it comes to accusations of financial shenanigans, of which there are many, and many much more serious than those touched on in this article.

Still, it'll no doubt liven up many a Sunday morning as we all groggily come to terms with the annual ritual of robbing us of an hour's sleep.

Just had my first COVID shot

My wife had hers a couple of weeks ago because she has (well-controlled) asthma. I'm in my early 60s, so it's evidently the turn of my age group round here (west of Scotland, near Glasgow). We've both been given the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine

In both cases, we received a phone call from a practice nurse a couple of days beforehand and fixed up a time slot. We were advised to check the practice's Facebook page before setting out in case there'd been a problem with the supply of the particular batch.

The village health centre car park was as full as I've ever seen it. Everything was well organized. I was booked in for 11.15 am and was out by 11.18. Like my recent flu vaccine, the shot itself was painless. They asked me to sit in my car for five minutes afterwards in case of any immediate reaction, and handed me a card explaining possible side-effects - soreness and redness around the injection site, a day or two's fever etc. My wife suffered no serious ill effects from her jag, just some residual soreness in her arm, so here's hoping.

I don't know how this experience compares to others elsewhere in the UK. I hope any of you, whether you have special need of the vaccine or not, have been able to access it with no delays or problems.

Meteor sighted across UK (tweet-heavy thread)

At least 60 fireball sightings have come in from southern Scotland to Cardiff and London tonight:





Some folks were a bit spooked:


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