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Member since: Wed Sep 23, 2009, 05:11 PM
Number of posts: 1,721

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Suggestions wanted for purchasing a used car

Is there a particular website that DUers have found useful in finding cars?
Any suggestions on small vehicles with good gas mileage?

Note to self, stay out of Stand Your Ground states

In states with Stand Your Ground laws, a person can be shot dead for being perceived as being threatening. If your murderer is put on trial, the trial is not about whether or not the guy who took your life actually shot you. Rather, the trial is about the murder victim. If the dead person could be perceived as being a threat to the murderer, then sociopaths can get away with murder. Best to stay out of Stand Your Ground states.

Stand Your Ground states:
New Hampshire

Congressional lawmakers call for IMPRISONMENT for whoever kept Tea Partiers from getting tax exempt

status. I wish our elected officials would feel the same way for those who caused the greatest recession in US history, or even the murderer of Treyvon Martin.

Police Brutality in Omaha, Nebraska

Police were called to 33rd and Seward about vehicles with expired tags being parked on the street. This is what happened:


IA Govenor likens providing healthcare to providing alcohol at a wedding.

Just so we're all on the same page, giving poor people access to healthcare will most definitely lead to people getting a bit too giddy off their readily available mammograms and prostrate exams. Iowans will have to endure those formerly denied access to insulin and heart medication, who will all of a sudden become bffs with insured Iowans. Healthcare teetotalers will be bestowed with slurred, over-friendly "I love you man"s by low-income Iowans with access to doctors and medication. It'll just be icky and uncomfortable. Best to keep healthcare inaccessible.


The Tea Party is too big to fail.

The John Doe investigation of Scott Walker's misappropriation of state funds has been quietly closed, and a Wisconsin Democrat, working for the Democrats, has had his Twitter privileges revoked (by the Democrats) for saying nasty things about Walker. Yesterday, WI Public Radio's Ideas Network devoted an entire hour to the incivility in our public discourse.

The US public has endured 20 years of AM hate radio which has turned Liberal into a dirty word, and Democrats and Liberals were told to leave the county on a repeated basis. There's no use for us here. But a Democrat TWEETING to followers (i.e. other DEMOCRATS -- don't follow someone on Twitter if what they say pisses you off) is told not to be so harsh.

Will Scott Walker run for president in 2016?

Investigations into misappropriation of state funds has been closed.

Is the John Doe investigation into Walker still on-going?

Or was it closed?

You know you're on the right path when you're condemned to hell

(or "not going to Heaven" by a man who wants to profit off of prison labor. Nebraska Sen. Ernie Chambers is courage in action. Welcome back to the unicameral, Ernie. Nebraska needs you.


Sorry about the slanted reporting. It's difficult to find any Progressive reporting coming out of Nebraska.

Why Won’t We Talk About Violence and Masculinity in America?


Young white men have entitlements and privileges that, when combined with disappointment, illness, loss and soul-strippingly unhealthy and common glorification of violence, can lead to tragedy. The only place I heard this discussed this weekend was on MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes, when Salon’s David Sirota pointed out that white men are really the only group in America that is “not allowed to be profiled.” We need more white men like David Sirota and Chris Hayes, who disproportionately make up our media experts and political leaders, to step up and talk openly about exactly this. About how ideas about whiteness and maleness are not only our unquestioned norms, but are imbued with an innocence and authority that makes it almost impossible to critically talk about them in terms of a pattern of horrific events like Sandy Hook.

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