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radical noodle

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Member since: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 07:22 PM
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Here's the thing

We have an idiot in the White House who is dismantling the country piece by piece by piece. Every time he does something horrible, we remember what could have been and wasn't because.... <whatever is in our heads>... whether it's Sanders, Sarandon, Russians, Comey, or others. Then we become furious all over again as we consider how this hurts so many people. People are dying because of those who helped, in whatever way, to elect trump. We aren't blind, we saw the glee that trump's election gave the BoB's. They still think Trump is better, and they totally disregard Russian interference. We also have a pretty good idea that some of them hang/lurk around here. Are we angry? Hell yes. Do we know what they did? Yes again. Will we ever forgive or forget? No.

And that, dear DUers, is why you see so many venomous posts yelling about people not supporting Hillary. It isn't aimed at those who voted for Bernie in the primaries but voted for Hillary in the general. We know there are others who did not vote for Hillary and we're mad as hell at them and that isn't going to change. EVER.
Posted by radical noodle | Sat Oct 14, 2017, 01:46 AM (3 replies)

The Trauma of Facing Deportation

(aka The Apathetic) published in The New Yorker

The apathetic children began showing up in Swedish emergency rooms in the early two-thousands. Their parents were convinced that they were dying. Of what, they didn’t know; they worried about cholera or some unknown plague. Soon patients with the condition filled all the beds in Stockholm’s only psychiatric inpatient unit for children, at Karolinska University Hospital. Göran Bodegård, the director of the unit, told me that he felt claustrophobic when he entered the rooms. “An atmosphere of Michelangelo’s ‘Pietà’ lingered around the child,” he said. The blinds were drawn, and the lights were off. The mothers whispered, rarely spoke to their sick children, and stared into the darkness.

By 2005, more than four hundred children, most between the ages of eight and fifteen, had fallen into the condition. In the medical journal Acta Pædiatrica, Bodegård described the typical patient as “totally passive, immobile, lacks tonus, withdrawn, mute, unable to eat and drink, incontinent and not reacting to physical stimuli or pain.” Nearly all the children had emigrated from former Soviet and Yugoslav states, and a disproportionate number were Roma or Uyghur. Sweden has been a haven for refugees since the seventies, accepting more asylum seekers per capita than any other European nation, but the country’s definition of political refugees had recently narrowed. Families fleeing countries that were not at war were often denied asylum.

I wonder if we'll start seeing this syndrome here?
Posted by radical noodle | Thu Mar 30, 2017, 03:12 PM (0 replies)


From the Urban Dictionary


A Puritopian is a self-described liberal or progressive whose political orientation is to be angry, dissatisfied and unhappy with the state of the nation, because in their view, liberal policies are not being implemented quickly or forcefully enough. They have particular contempt for Democratic presidents.

Puritopians dislike Republicans but reserve their greatest disdain for Democratic presidents, whom they relentlessly attack for not meeting a set of ideological goal posts that are constantly adjusted to ensure that the president will be deemed a disappointment, "not progressive enough" or "just like a Republican" no matter what policy achievements are made.

Puritopians have an affinity for 3rd party politics as a way to punish Democratic presidents. They are especially hostile to President Obama and deem anyone who expresses a lack of ill will toward him to be "Obamabots" and enemies of liberalism.

Sounds familiar....
Posted by radical noodle | Thu Jan 12, 2017, 07:16 PM (10 replies)
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