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Gender: Male
Hometown: Orlando
Home country: USA
Current location: Holistically detecting
Member since: Wed Jan 27, 2010, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 12,151

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There is no "religious freedom" to hurt people.

Enough of the free ride for any heinous notion that can be found in someone's holy book. This idea, this notion that women are permitted to have sex to make babies for husbands, and otherwise are to be shamed and humiliated and attacked is EVIL.

If God said it, God is evil. If a political candidate supports it, they are promoting evil. It's not any less so because it's a traditional evil or a theological evil. If this idea is in your book, your book is evil. If it's the core of your religion, your religion is evil.

People can use birth control, period. Women may abort a pregnancy. Whomever is tasked with providing healthcare, be it employers or insurance companies or the government, must provide access to ALL healthcare.

Enough of these bryl-creamed peverts and their knowing smirks and sweaty palms and bullshit ancient texts.

Fuck. Them.

I think men have a different role in supporting feminism.

Feminism isn't our movement, any more than supporting equal rights for different ethnicities would make a white man a "black activist," or supporting gay rights makes a straight man a gay activist.

These are cultural positions which have activist movements because the people in them need to stop being defined and lead and corralled by the majority or culturally dominant group.

I think men have a right to have a take on the academic or sociological side of things and to engage as equals with minority or oppressed groups in discussions on social theory, patriarchy, etc. They are not incapable of understanding that there are points of view they can't fully appreciate, but that need space to be heard.

Men also have, or should have, a pro-woman point of view that is uniquely their own. Men are capable, at least, of possessing a profound appreciation for women that requires their continued physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. This requires, among other things, supporting feminism.

But men aren't needed to lead, define, validate, or limit feminism itself. Men especially don't need to watchdog to make sure feminism doesn't "get out hand," or to make sure some sliver of male privilege isn't whittled away too much. It's a point of view men need to support, but which they are not an actual part of.

Seems like that's kind of the point.

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