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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 02:31 PM
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Wisconsin: Mary Burke's OK with the iron mine, just don't rush it

Not good enough. We need to find a candidate that will represent the will of the People, not a wolf in sheep's clothing.


The only currently-declared Democratic candidate for governor says she's open to a proposed open pit iron ore mine in the Penokee Hills, but she says she would have vetoed the Republican bill passed this year that speeds up the mine permitting process.

Mary Burke was in Superior, Ashland and Bayfield over the weekend as part of her state campaign tour. She says she got an earful about mining. “People are concerned about whether we are risking the sustainability and natural resources that are such assets to the state without the needed protections,” Burke said. “People are concerned about jobs, and want to make sure we do have good paying jobs, but also want to make sure that that's balanced with protecting our resources, which are important for not only this generation but generations to come.”

Burke says she's still looking into the issue and thinks mining can happen, but only under certain circumstances, not those set by the Republican legislation. “If the conditions are right, we should be looking at opportunities that are going to create jobs, but we make sure we are protecting our natural resources.”

While in Ashland, Burke didn't meet with Bad River tribal officials, who are among the leading opponents of the mine, but she says she'd like to do that. She says it's important to meet with people who would be affected by an iron ore mine.

Pumpkin pic post... post your precocious pumpkin pics

Mass Shootings (data graphic)

Moody's: Economic Benefit of Various Stimulus Provisions

I've posted this as a reply to threads on SNAP many times. Today it was suggested I make it an OP, so here it is. As DUer Dirk Gently pointed out, one can draw a line where the stimulus stops being positive and starts being Republican.

Somewhere in your neighborhood tonight ....

Healthcare dot gov red state error message

Key quote ...

Giant Triplets!

Who was Paul Wellstone?

Terrific read summarizing the life and politics of the Minnesota firebrand ....


Even the assignments in Mr. Wellstone’s classes were courses of study in the practice of organizing. In my freshman year, Mr. Wellstone assigned us to research the welfare system in rural Rice County, Minn. He took us to organizational meetings of welfare mothers, fighting to replace a food commodity program with food stamps. In the early 1970s, movement organizing was the only variety of organizing on display on college campuses. Most students were exposed to organizing through mass protest demonstrations. Mr. Wellstone introduced us to old-fashioned community and labor organizing tactics.


Mr. Wellstone was also an accomplished campaigner. Though he had never held elected office, he pulled off a major upset in 1990 when, running on a shoestring budget, he defeated the incumbent Republican senator, Rudy Boschwitz. Watch this 1990 ad in which Wellstone goes looking for his opponent, Boschwitz. Beautiful.


Few thought he had a chance when he announced that he would run for the Senate against Mr. Boschwitz. Russell D. Feingold, now a like-minded liberal Democratic senator from Wisconsin, today had this recollection of dropping by to meet Mr. Wellstone in 1989: “He opened the door, and there he was with his socks off, 15 books open that he was reading, and he was on the phone arguing with somebody about Cuba. He gave me coffee, and we laughed uproariously at the idea that either of us would ever be elected. But he pulled it off in 1990 and gave me the heart to do it in Wisconsin.”



Often, Mr. Wellstone was the only senator voting against a measure, or one of only a few. He was, for instance, one of three senators in 1999 to support compromise missile defense legislation. He was the only one that year to vote against an education bill involving standardized tests, and the only Democrat who opposed his party’s version of lowering the estate tax.

Lot of interesting tidbits and links to other relavent videos too. We need more people like Wellstone in Washington.

US Treaties with soverign tribal nations

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