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Obviously these kids are flooding the border to take advantage of welfare benefits ...

Obviously these kids are flooding the border to take advantage of welfare benefits, such as oil subsidies and carried interest loopholes.

That awkward moment when super-Christian Sarah Palin calls for Obama to be impeached because he didn't deport a bunch of kids named Jesus.

House GOP to impeach Obama for making them look like heartless assholes on immigration.

That awkward moment when the GOP plan to solve the immigration crisis is the Immigration Reform Bill they blocked.


Wisconsin: Counties push back against Walker's BadgerCare decision


STEVENS POINT – Portage County might join several other Wisconsin counties demanding that Gov. Scott Walker's administration accept federal money to expand BadgerCare .

Second District County Board Member Joanne Suomi is leading the charge in Portage County to add a referendum question to the November ballot to ask for citizens' opinion on Walker's decision not to accept the money. Portage County is among at least 11 Wisconsin counties that have pursued BadgerCare referendums in one form or another.

Although the referendum question is advisory and wouldn't require any action following the vote, Suomi said she thinks it is important for people to share their opinions with state leadership. "It gives the opportunity to have a voice in what the state is doing at the state level," Suomi said.

Walker was among about 25 governors who declined federal funding to expand Medicaid in their states. Under the Affordable Care Act, states were allowed to expand their Medicaid programs to cover people earning up to 138 percent of the poverty level. Walker chose to expand the program only for those earning 100 percent of the poverty level and said his approach would keep everyone living below the poverty line covered.

Wis: Even Though WI Ranks Last in Jobs, Walker Has Spent Over 2,000 Hours Doing "Jobs" Photo-Ops

According to ALEC, he's the model Governor. A model, of course, is a non-working replica of the real thing.


Ever notice that every time you see Governor Scott Walker, he's doing something or other that looks like he's really, really, realllllllllly focused on jobs? Usually the photo-op entails Walker wearing safety glasses and carefully studying a worker making something or other. The hope is that people will see this picture on the local news and say to themselves, "Wow, that Walker really is focused on jobs-- he's always doing something that makes me think of jobs!"

The Walker operation makes a point of doing some sort of "jobs" photo-op almost daily, when Walker is actually in the state.

Of course all politicians do this, but its hard to recall a poltician that has done it to the level of Walker. Using statistical analysis of 20 weeks chosen at random, I calculate that in the course of Walker's governorship, he has spent 2,119 hours doing these photo-ops. To put that in perspective, he could have watched 706 complete Packers games in that time!

All this would be easier to swallow if Walker was truely focused on creating jobs and not focused on the perception that he is creating jobs. However, by every statistical measure-- GDP, job growth, change in unemployment-- Wisconsin lags the national average and is at or near dead last in the midwest.

Spread their shame!

The 13 States ...

Group Representing Half A Billion Christians Says It Will No Longer Support Fossil Fuels


A large umbrella group of churches representing more than half a billion Christians worldwide announced Thursday that it would pull all of its investments in fossil fuels, saying it had determined the investments were no longer ethical.

The World Council of Churches, a global coalition of 345 churches, made the decision to no longer fund oil, gas, or coal at its central committee meeting in Geneva, and recommended that its members do the same. “The committee discussed the ethical investment criteria, and considered that the list of sectors in which the WCC does not invest should be extended to include fossil fuels,” read the finance policy committee report.

The WCC’s member churches — which include the 25 million-member Church or England and the 48 million-member Ethiopian Orthadox Tewahedo Church, among others — will not be forced to divest themselves, but advocates say the announcement represents broad support among Christians for action to fight climate change.

“The World Council of Churches reminds us that morality demands thinking as much about the future as about ourselves — and that there’s no threat to the future greater than the unchecked burning of fossil fuels,” Bill McKibben, the founder of 350.org, said in a statement. “This is a remarkable moment for the 590 million Christians in its member denominations: a huge percentage of humanity says today ‘this far and no further.’”

Remember when we joked "If Obama was for air the GOP would stop breathing?" This is an actual thing.


A conspicuous contradiction.

OMG it's hilarious! Not.

Ben and Jerry on Ben and Jerry's

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