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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 53,475

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A sick riddle from an Episcopalian Minister who's very dear to me

What's the difference between Jeffrey Dahmer and the Koch Bros.?


One kills people and swallows them to satisfy his sick greed, and the others kills people and spits them out to satisfy their sick greed.

Uh, oh, looks what's been added to the Endangered Species list ...

Beware: Florida Biker Bar

Wis Dems Black Caucus - Don't forget to nominate someone deserving

from my email ...


I wanted to remind you that the nomination deadline for the DPW Black Caucus's Black History Month Awards is coming up fast. The nominations survey will close on Monday, February 3rd at 5:00pm.

Throughout the month of February, we will be reflecting on the inspiring work of leaders like Martin Luther King, Congresswoman Shirley Chishom, and Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

Please take time to nominate an African American leader in Wisconsin you think deserves to be recognized for one of our three awards:

Legacy Award: The Legacy Award recognizes someone who, over many years, has worked tirelessly to make a difference, support democratic ideals and promote social activism. This award recognizes someone who younger generations look to for significant democratic leadership.

Emerging Leader Award: The Emerging Leader Award recognizes someone who has come of age recently in his or her role as a Democratic leader. They have been elected to lead the people and have represented their voice honorably.

Grassroots Organizer Award: The Grassroots Organizer Award is presented to that social activist who goes above and beyond any expectation of a volunteer. They believe in the Democratic causes they are fighting for and create positive energy for others.

Click Here to Nomination Someone Today! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DPWBHM14

Also make sure to Save the Date for the Black History Month Awards, where we will be honoring all of our nominees.

4th Annual Black History Month Awards
Saturday, March 1st
Milwaukee Firefighters Hall
Milwaukee, WI
More details to follow

To reserve your ticket now or to RSVP ahead of time, please visit: www.wisdems.org/blackhistorymonth

If you have any questions, please call Cassi at (608) 260-2422 or e-mail cassif@wisdems.org. We look forward to reading about all of your great nominees!


Stephanie Findley
Chair, The Black Caucus
Democratic Party of Wisconsin

I'm getting ready to snowblow - I've donned flannel-lined jeans, boots, gaiters, insultated bibs ...

... and now I have to go to the bathroom?

There's been a lot of talk here lately about "privilege", so it may be useful to define it ...

George Orwell knew a bit about "truth"


Scuba's Rule

I have a new rule for America: Once your personal wealth reaches $1,000,000,000 you will be declared to have won the game.

There will be a parade held for you in your home town.

You'll get a brass plaque with your name on it placed on the Washington Mall

We'll mint platinum collector coins with your image and sell them on late-night TV

Apple Computer will feature you on a screensaver

There'll be a country and western song written in your honor

One of the Big 3 will produce a "Your Name Here" pickup truck

Wall Street will hang your picture in the New York Stock Exchange

Raytheon will name a drone after you

But from that point on, your earnings will be taxed at 100%. Since there's no "wealth tax", you can live a life of luxury off your billion, and see to the future of your children, grand-children, great-grand-children and great-great-grandchildren, but a billion is the limit.

Wisconsin’s mysterious spike in union membership


“Wisconsin had an increase of about 24,000 union members in 2013, while the overall number of wage and salaried workers dipped by about 36,000.” How does this make sense?

Mostly private sector union growth? If you’ll permit me saying the obvious, the public sector union trend here has been the opposite. According to AP, Wisconsin union membership in the public sector fell from 53.4 percent in 2011 to just 37.6 percent in 2013.


The total number of private-sector union members rose by 281,000, while the total number of public-sector union members fell by about 118,000. There are now more private-sector union members than public-sector members.

Industries with the biggest growth include construction (up 95,000), hospitals and Transportation Equipment Manufacturing. Sectors hit hardest include social assistance and administration and support services.
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