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Wisconsin: Drive Carefully! 2014 Deer harvest lowest in 30 years!

In Wisconsin, there are about 20,000 car/deer crashes each year. In 2012 (most recent data I could find) 445 people were injured or killed in car/deer accidents. Source (PDF).


Hunters registered 191,550 deer in the 2014 Wisconsin gun deer season, a 15% decrease from 2013 and the lowest kill in more than 30 years, according to a preliminary report released Tuesday by the Department of Natural Resources. The 2014 harvest included 90,336 bucks (down 8% from 2013) and 101,214 antlerless deer (down 21%). The nine-day gun deer season ran Nov. 22 to Nov. 30.

This year's deer kill was the lowest since 1982, when hunters registered 182,715 deer. State wildlife officials attributed the reduced harvest to a lower deer population in northern Wisconsin, poor weather in parts of the state on opening weekend and regulations that restricted the kill of antlerless deer. All or part of 19 counties were "buck only" this fall, an effort to protect female deer and increase numbers in future years.

The number of license sales also was down. The DNR reported sales of 608,711 gun deer licenses, a drop of 24,891 (4%) from 2013. The license sales total was the lowest since 1976.

On the positive side, the season was the safest on record with three non-fatal shooting incidents. The previous low was five incidents (three non-fatal and two fatal) in 2004.

Glenn Grothman lies by citing stale numbers. PolitiFlawed rates it "half true."

I guess they'd rate the claim that "slavery is legal in America" as "half true" too.


Glenn Grothman says 20 percent of federal budget is borrowed

Grothman, elected to succeed retiring Republican Tom Petri, threw out a statistic to make his point: "Just the fact that right now we’re borrowing 20% of our budget does show there are going to be some big differences between the president and us on government spending."


In the latest accounting, the borrowing figure amounts to 13.8 percent, the lowest since just before the recession.


The Treasury and White House announced the results on Oct. 15, 2014, six weeks before Grothman’s appearance on "UpFront."

The subsequent CBO report came out Nov. 10, 2014, about three weeks before Grothman made the claim.

If you're not aware, Grothman is the lunatic that my neighbors voted into the House of Representatives last month.

Shhhh. Master at work.

GOP Announces Cyber Monday Sweet Deal - US Senators for half the regular price!

No, you still can't afford it.

"The only woman in the world to have seen both Steve Jobs and Bob Dylan naked"


Joan Baez: Singer, activist, peacenik, lover, legend

For more than 50 years, Baez has been a central figure in the cultural and political life of the United States. A singer, an activist, a peacenik, a beauty, a lover (of some iconic men, it must be said). She is far too self-aware to utter the phrase “been there, done that”, but if she ever did, no one would take issue. Name a significant date in American politics since the early 1960s and she will either know the characters involved or have been involved in some way herself. “Oh Lou, I knew Lou,’’ she says casually when the name of the late Lou Reed comes up.

“I didn’t know him until we ended up doing a show together in Prague. I bumped into him as he was wandering around in the hotel lobby and I said to him, ‘Come for dinner with us Lou’, and so he did. He grumbled all the way to the restaurant because we decided to walk there. I knew then what we had adopted, but by then it was too late.”


The mention of Dylan provokes a solitary note of reserve as Baez looks back on her life. Famously, she and Dylan were lovers in the early 1960s, when she smoothed a path for him around the folk clubs of New England and New York – a debt he later repaid by snubbing her on the UK tour famously captured in DA Pennebaker’s 1967 film documentary Don’t Look Back. Dylan later apologised for the way he treated Baez. The nature of their relationship has been the subject of much gossip through the years.

Are they still in touch? She smiles. “No one is ever in touch with Bob Dylan.”

Black on Black Crime is one of those important issues ...

Black on Black Crime is one of those important issues for White people that somehow only comes up when a White person kills a Black person.

Police shoot 12-year-old carrying toy gun. But it's not racial profiling-- I'm sure that happens to white kids all the time too.

Next up on Fox News: Our panel discusses whether the solution to black-on-black crime is a return to slavery.


Legaleze argument regarding Obama immigration move. Any experts here?

The issue is a perceived difference between Reagan's EO on immigration and Obama's. Here's the argument:

The biggest difference between RWR's EO and BHO's from a process point of view, is that RWR's tweaked the Simpson-Marzoli act, just passed by congress, to allow spouses of legalized immigrants legalized by that law to also stay.

BHO offered "immigration immunity" to hundreds of thousands without such constraints because there wasn't a law in place. Ergo, BHO "created a new law" vs. "tweaked an existing law."

Feed the birds? Dos and Don’ts of Feeder Placement


Finding the perfect location for a bird feeder is a balancing act between getting the views you want and birds’ safety. Where do you watch birds from? Your patio? A kitchen window? The living room? You can start by limiting the possible area by deciding on a focus zone in the yard.

Next you need to check for known dangers to eliminate unsafe locations within that zone. Ornithologists estimate that millions of birds are killed each year by hitting windows. Window strike mortalities can be reduced by moving your feeders to within 3 feet of the window or greater than 30 feet away.

When feeders are close to a window, a bird leaving the feeder cannot gain enough momentum to do harm if it strikes the window. If feeders are more than 30 feet from a window, the birds are less likely to perceive windows as a pathway to other parts of your yard. Some ideas for safe locations including hanging a feeder at the corner of a house from the eaves, making it visible from a corner window, or from two sides of the house. Other people a fix a feeder directly to a window.

Another strategy is to place the feeder beyond the 30 foot danger zone. This might mean choosing a location across the yard from a house. Some people opt to create a special bird watching area tucked into a corner of their yard with a blinded seating area. This space might be in a secret grove, near a special bench, or behind a potting shed. Use the map below to see where in your yard is beyond the danger zone.

Report: Scott Walker preparing to launch presidential bid next year


In the clearest terms yet, Gov. Scott Walker and his key advisers have begun detailing his plans to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.


“I think there’s going to be a hunger for a leader who can actually get things done,” Walker said. He also told U.S. News & World Report in an interview Thursday that his wife and two sons, Matt and Alex, are supportive of a White House bid in 2016.


During his re-election campaign, Walker distanced himself from speculation about a possible 2016 presidential bid, saying he planned to serve a full four-year term if re-elected.

During his election night victory speech, Walker repeatedly drew sharp distinctions between Wisconsin and Washington.

Is this what America really wants?

Or is this Walker's only real qualification?

Stephen Colbert announces the end of world hunger!

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