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Name: Martin Johnson
Gender: Do not display
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Charlottesville, VA
Member since: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 01:30 PM
Number of posts: 19,486

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Martin Johnson Charlottesville, VA

Journal Archives

The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr's words will continue to reverberate until his prophecies are

fulfilled. Hey, I am no wide-eyed religionist, but when I hear MLK's words echoed in this context I can't help but feel he is more than a man. He is a hero/prophet/liberator whatever. His words and example will reverberate down the ages until we get it right.

The 3 justices who voted against this are clearly not fit to sit on the Supreme Court because they

cannot or will not make decisions that are not based on their political/ideological biases.

Good analysis.

Reminiscent of the Republican obsession with the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan. They kept trying to repeat those victories, much like a serial killer trying to experience the same high he had with his first kill. Putin is living in the past, like all conservative authoritarians. Like Reagan, believing a return to past fantasies is possible. Putin has delusions of grandeur, and he supported generals who shared his belief in the invulnerability of Russian military might. After the defeat Russia suffered in Afghanistan, one would think he would have more respect for shoulder-fired anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and anti-ship weapons. But the US has also made the same mistake over and over again. IUDs bloodied us In Iraq and Afghanistan. Modern weapons require a re-calibration of tactics and strategy that old-school military people are slow to grasp.

I hate to break it to you - Judge Jackson has been facing this kind of discrimination all her life.

She got where she is by dealing with it as a mature adult who has demonstrated the highest levels of competence in her field. I can't begin to imagine what she is thinking because I have never had to deal with the level of bias and hate that she has had to deal with all her life. I have nothing but respect and love for her courageous stand against bigotry and ignorance.

Showing the Putanescas how a real "special operation" works.

Extremists always overreach. They have no understanding or respect for the rule of law.

I think the Chinese response has been incoherent and unsustainable. They fucked up.

China is a complex mix of a top-down authoritarian leadership and a consensus-based society. That results in Beverly mixed messages and an ineffective response to unexpected crises.

I've not always agreed with Chomsky, but in this case I'm afraid I agree. His is a

clear-minded analysis of what happened, and what is happening now to finish what was stated on Jan 6. It's every clear-minded citizen's duty to vote in the next election, and do as much as they can to muster votes from the "undecided." This is a crisis, not only of democracy, but of the very Constitution of the Republic. As so many have already said, our democracy is in mortal danger.

Just keep the evidence adding up every time they try to normalize the behavior of Trumpist

conspiratorial insurrectionist traitors to our country.

I'm not sure I agree that Goldberg has "next to no knowledge."

Take a step back and consider that she may have a valid point to make when she prefers the term "man's inhumanity to man." Yes, she's wrong to say that racism wasn't a core element of the Nazi ideology. But Catholics, communists, and mentally challenged or handicapped white people were also the targets of their eugenic campaign that led to extermination in concentration camps. It's actually more complicated than just pure racism. As a black American, Goldberg's view of what constitutes racism could well be valid in spite of the majority's consensus that it was a purely racist program. It is not as black and white as some are insisting.
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