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Name: Martin Johnson
Gender: Do not display
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Charlottesville, VA
Member since: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 01:30 PM
Number of posts: 19,553

About Me

Martin Johnson Charlottesville, VA

Journal Archives

Typical right wing bullshit. They only show the three most heavily redacted pages of the

affidavit, which contained names of witnesses who need to be protected from Trump and his violent minions. The vast majority of the document was very lightly redacted, if at all. Every legal reason for the search, and the long history of repeated attempts to persuade Trump to voluntarily hand over the materials were presented in plain view for all to see.

We've exercised restraint. Now we know the time is past.

Trump and his fellow traitors need to be locked up where they can do no more harm.

We need to keep on investigating and following up the obvious signs of criminal behavior.

Complacency is our enemy. The rule of law is our friend.

Quite a few liberals have a fairly pessimistic view of events. Probably based on the difficulties we

have had over the years. It's not a constructive point of view. When we win, we need to keep on pushing. The fight i never over.

I agree. Sure, we need to tout the great accomplishments if this administration. But a more powerful

message, and a more important one in the long run, is the we are in an existential fight for our democracy against election deniers, election riggers, voting suppressors, misinformationists (liars), conspiracy theorists, racists, christo-fascist fundamentalists, slimers, book burners, hypocrites, cultists, anti-immigration xenophobes [pause while I catch my breath] incompetents, anti-science know-nothings, ignorant, anti-constitutional, unpatriotic, violent, LGBTQ-bashing fanatics.

Theocrats like Alito mean something entirely different from what the "Founders" has in mind when

they wrote and signed the Constitution. Alito and his ilk want their fundamentalist version of Christianity to be the state religion. Religious liberty means no such thing. It means the right to practice any religion you like as long as it does not infringe on the rights of other people.
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