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I don't like trolls.

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Heritage Foundation fundraiser request sent to my rich boss part 2

My boss is a wealthy man who has a charitable foundation and gives generously to charities all the time. I think he voted for President Obama because he told me Rmoney was a jerk. He is rich and the Heritage probably brought the mailing list of people that are wealthy. I get his mail and he told me to throw this away.

Anyway here is the rest....

Heritage's idea helped spark the 1994 revolution that brought a conservative majority to Congress. Our experts (me- the ones they brought and paid for) played a leading role in providing conservative candidates with the intellectual
ammunition (me-INTELLECTUAL my ass) they needed to give us a balanced budget, tax cuts and a historic welfare reform that was the first reversal of liberal big-government program in modern times.

(Here's the kicker next line) We provided the intellectual firepower that helped the TEA PARTY and other grassroots activists launch the conservative revolution of 2010. (Me- Proof the tea party was bought and paid for the wealthy people and the uneducated Faux brainwashed dummies brought it hook line and sinker)

Now we've created a blueprint for the conservatives in Congress that will help them block the liberals' big-government agenda.

Heritage wouldn't have been able to accomplish any of this without the moral (me-WTF moral and heritage are antonyms) and financial support of our members. As a member you will represent one more conservative who has chosen to take a stand against the liberals' disastrous agenda. (Me that liberal agenda from 1930 to 1980 gave us the middle class and prosperity for a lot of Americans of all races, religions and provided upward mobility)

Heritage's conservative blueprint (me I guess this is what they have in store for us is they get control again)
To fight back against the left's assault on economic freedom (me- ripping off people, paying low wages, destroying unions walmartization of the country)and the Constitution (me- I doubt they ever read the Constitution because what they are calling for this fundraising sounds kinda treasonous to me), Heritage created a conservative blueprint that will guide the movement for the next decade (me heaven help us if they succeed !)
It starts with our bold budget plan called Saving the American Dream. (Ironically their policies are destroying the American dream). Unlike any other proposal, our plan balances the federal budget within 10 years without raising taxes (me bullshit bullshit, do they have a magic wand? After reading in Mother Jones today about how Florida is screwed over by tea party policies I say HELL NO!) ensuring that we don't burden our children and grandchildren with crushing amounts of debt. (Me -what about today's kids?)

We're also showing members of Congress and the American people how urgent it is for America to return to the principals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution through our First Principles Initiative. As part of this effort, we've given out pocket Constitutions to over 4 million conservatives around the country. (Me -Wow I wonder if it's different from the one I got from the ACLU?)

And we are continuing the fight to control our borders, strengthen our national defense, support American families (me- by cutting funding for schools, unemployment, Wanting to get rid of social security and medicare and anything that helps the working American families)and defend a range of other conservative values.

America is at a practical (me -devils pitch fork if we go their way)fork in the road. The path we choose will decide our nation's course for decades to come. And Heritage is working harder than ever to spread our conservative (filth, propaganda etc) to as many Americans as possible. But the Heritage Foundations staff rely on the financial support of our members to complete our crucial work (Fleecing the yokels with their racket of ripping off the suckers on fixed incomes)

To help ensure our success, I invite you to become a member. When you join with a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more, you'll make a powerful statement that you reject the liberals' failed policies and support our agenda
to save the (me- destroy) the American dream. ( Me- The American dream was destroyed starting in the 80's with the election of Reagan, incomes fell, unions declined, people got screwed over big time) Sincerely, Steve (Fucking) Forbes.

Now I need a drink and a shower I feel slimed after reading this crap.

I work for a wealthy guy and he got this from the Heritage Foundation today

Dear Fellow Americans,

Today our country faces the biggest challenges I can remember. As you read this letter, liberals are working to carry out their plans to radically change America. Their ultimate goal is to transform us into a European-style welfare state.

(Me- that might not be a bad thing!)

Look their record. In only four years, they've added trillions of dollars to our national debt, destroyed jobs and crushed the economy with crippling taxes and regulations - putting millions of Americans out of work - and drastically weakened our standing in the world

(Me- No you republicans have done what you are accusing us liberals of)

Yet instead of admitting the failure of their policies, President Obama and his liberal allies doubled down, spending more, creating bigger and more intrusive bureaucracies, slashing our military budget, and showing deadly weakness int he face of our enemies.

(Me - What administration created the homeland security and what also destroyed our standing in the world?)

Why I'm inviting you to join Heritage - Typical blah blah blah stuff to boring to pass on

Since its founding in 1973, Heritage has been a fierce defender of conservative principles, promoting free enterprise, limited government (me like when they want to control a woman's reproductive rights?) individual freedom (Me- how about legalizing pot? no we can't because it would hurt the tobacco companies profits) , traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

(Me like only conservatives want that stuff?)

In 1980, Heritage created a blueprint fro the Reagan administration called Mandate for Leadership. President Reagan and his staff implemented hundreds of our policies and ushered in a new era of conservatism - rescuing America from the decline, weakness and demoralization of the Carter years.

(Me- Yeah things have been F'ed up for the American worker since 1980 when Reagan did his mandate and the decline in the country was because Nixon the crook got caught, the only ones demoralized were the republicans for Nixon getting caught in Watergate and having to resign.

Part 2 to follow if you guys are interested. Retyping this crap makes me want to vomit in my throat but I will do it if anyone is interested.

The republican party has become a terrorist organization hell bent on destroying our country.

A hidden coup in going on in this country by the republican party and the rich monied interests (Koch's, Singers etc) Chris Matthews is right about them wanting to overthrow this government by crashing the economy and blaming it on President Obama. And I just read that the SCOTUS is going to hear another case to do away with campaign finance limits. They (the republicans) know they have nothing to offer the American people. They have basically thrown out any sensible thinking old time conservatives and now only have the fire breathing crazies in their party. The only way they can win is by lying, stealing and cheating. People showed in 2012 that all the money spent by the rich didn't change the outcome in their favor. The republicans had to gerrymander in their republican states to win the house. And all these tea party governors from the 2010 debacle who are slashing and burning their states and giving tax breaks to the rich are in for a real rude awakening in 2014. People are pissed and they will come out in droves to vote them out of office. No amount of horrible commercials radio ads and mailers are going to save them except in those states with uneducated ignorant voters who will get what they deserve. Fox, Rush and the right wing media are slowly in the conscious of the American people becoming laughing stocks with their over the top lying caraway reporting.

That said, I think the SCOTUS will not go along this time. Legacy is beginning to affect them, I see Roberts and Kennedy joining with the more liberal wing of the court affirming campaign limits and maybe taking the bite out of citizens united. But in the meantime we have to do everything in our power to get more people registered and get them to vote out these crazies in 2014 before they destroy this country or overtake in a monied coup.

Today's extreme right wing republican party and their followers are connected to the Borg

I can't help but think about a conversation I had with a right wing nephew recently. There was no way I could get my point across, he told me I was wrong when I pointed out several points that contradicted with his Rush/Fox/Hannity etc beliefs. All he did was say President Obama was taking away his freedoms and the Democratic party was communists out to ruin this country. My husband works with a bunch of right wingers and there is no way to have a civil conversation with them. I used to think they were brainwashed but now I think they are a collective Borg from the Star Trek series with Captain Picard. The Borg sucks the life out of people and make them no longer able to think for themselves. These weak minded people are being advantage of just like what the Borg does.

I had a good karma experience today that I want to share....

Sunday I noticed I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring. I have been devastated since then. I found out it would cost me $6,000 to get the same diamond my husband brought me in 1993. Today I made plans to go to the Jewelry Mart to look at a Zirconium but $6000 would be better spent elsewhere. But something told me to look in my purse. I emptied it out and there was the diamond! I feel so elated and happy. I found flowers candy and a beautiful card from my husband this AM. I am so happy I had to share. I hope you all have a great Valentines Day and am passing my good luck on to everyone here on DU.

Saturday mail

Saturday mail is the only mail that I get a chance to enjoy the experience of getting the mail. Instead of tossing it aside until later like I do on weekdays.. My weekly magazines,discount coupons and the occasional alumni letter and junk mail I look at them with leisure. That joy of getting something addressed to me makes me feel important even when's i was a kid.. Silly me. I'm still sad the mail's going away on Saturdays.
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