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Gender: Female
Member since: Fri May 20, 2011, 11:28 AM
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I don't like trolls.

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Today I came out against California's three strikes law

I was coming home on the bus and ran into one of my old students. She lives around the corner from me. Her grandmother had a stroke recently and I asked about her. Then I mentioned I haven't seen her dad for awhile. She told me he committed suicide on Easter Sunday. Her father had been in jail for drugs during the 80's. He was about my age and even though we didn't go to the same high schools we had mutual acqaintances. When I met his daughter he had just come out of jail and was cleaning up his life. He had re-finished the library benches in the classroom and he was painting houses. I was going to have him paint my house as he did a beautiful job on one of my neighbors. I didn't ask why he was in jail again but he found out that he was going to be in jail for the rest of his life because of the 3 strikes law. The guy was not a violent man just had a drug problem which he admitted but was working on straightening out his life and being a good father and son. I got choked up and speechless. I asked his daughter if she was seeing a therapist. She said yes but I think she is holding back as she was so calm. She's 17. She showed me her prom pictures. Her friend she was with seemed to be her support rock which was a good thing.

But how sad that someone would feel so lost and desperate to take their life in jail. Poor Ed. I am not religious but I will say a prayer for his soul. I'm sorry I ever supported this law and will work to overturn the law for the poor Eddie's of the world.

I've been without the internet in my home for the last 2 weeks

I'm staying late a work to be on the internet. Hopefully AT&T will show up at my house tomorrow so I can be on the internet again. It's very strange not to have the internet. It's been 15 years since I have been on the internet and I forgot how different it was before. I have to look at my books at home to get information. So far almost 3/4 of my life has not been on the internet and now I am complaining about 2 weeks without!!!! I have become so spoiled!

Are there any polls out there in North Carolina about how the people feel about the religious/

corporate take over of their state?

I was in North Carolina about 5 years and was impressed about how integrated it was. I went to 2 malls and saw a lot of kids of different races hanging together. The people were very nice and I had good feelings about North Carolina. But now hearing the stuff coming out of their legislature and Governor I wonder if the people who live there are starting to get angry or are they ok with this takeover of their rights.

National Review subscription pitch.

Got a mail advertisement from my rich boss again this one from National Review. My boss is a Democrat and liberal but he is rich so he is on these types of mailing list. He told me to throw this out. I couldn't resist passing this one on.

Dear Friend,

The fate of America hangs in the balance. Dim-witted liberals are leading the country half cocked in dangerous directions.

(Me A little projection here righties?)

If we let liberal dreamers and foggy "reformers" have their way, the values, character, and determination that made America great will be a thing of the past.

Me: So the New deal was bad? We liberal s have no values, character or determination? The people trying to destroy what makes this country great are sending out this ad. Another more projection righties!

The conservative movement that brought Ronald Regan to the White House and Republican domination of the House was forged between our covers. Now we're rebuilding the foundation for a new conservatism to take back America, Please join us.

Me: No you people with your republican domination beginning with Ronald Reagan is destroying this country. You're not into rebuilding this country you're into destroying it to benefit rich people and corporations with your free market ideology.

National Review. It's a haven for thinking conservatives. It's traditional American values. It's less government. It's religious freedom. It's an oasis in a cultural desert. It's razor-sharp prose. It's the truth about liberal do-gooders. It's where the new conservative movement is being born.

Me: Thinking and conservatives are not to be used in the same sentence. Blah blah, traditional American values, please! Less government (unless it wants to get up in your uterus) religious freedom (just like North Carolina is currently proposings like some insane guy on the corner screaming the world is ending. And hey what's wrong with being a do-gooder? The conservative movement is dying in this country.

Benghazi - Was the UN Ambassador Susan Rice's lame explanation an Obama-Administration cover-up or simple incompetence

Me: I still can't get over that the only thing she did wrong was report on the intelligence that she was given.

Immigration Policy- It favors people with family already here.It should favor those with skills, education, and the ability to speak English

How to win next time - Republicans must be willing to take action that bucks the caricature that they don't care about people.

Me- Like Cantor coming out today saying they should do away with overtime pay for workers I call it the Walmart on steroids policy. The caricature fits people. You are cold and heartless. You want to throw Grandma out in the street and cut her social security and medicare to give corporations a big tax breaks. You are for corporations fouling our air and water, looking the other way when oil spills destroy your community. Call gay people who want to make a loving commitment to their partners bad people. No you people are really doing it to yourselves.

The coming leftist Court - More than one Justice could retire before Obama leaves office. Look for a replacement who will spark a new era of aggressive leftist judicial activism

Me: YEAH couldn't happen soon enough maybe Scalia and Thomas need to resign so they can spend all that money they have stashed away in offshore bank accounts. Please proceed go go go

In a lunatic world coming apart at the seams, you need National Review more than ever.

Me: Yeah the only lunatics are the people at the National Review

P.P.S. Conservatives love us because we tell them the truth. liberals hate us because we tell the truth about them. See what I mean.

Me: The truth is not being told by the conservatives because all they do is lie to forward their anti people pro corporate agenda. They really want us to be all slaves.

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