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I don't like trolls.

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Those veteran charities that trump the goblin donated the money to should be investigated

I wouldn't put it past trump to have those" charities" donate the money back to him as campaign donations.

My Mother passed away this afternoon

She was almost 94 in failing health. 3 weeks ago she was in the hospital with a bladder infection that went septic and her kidneys shut down. Her wonderful caregivers massaged her kidneys and basically were her nurses at the hospital. She was in the hospital for 6 days and I had her brought home under hospice. She seemed happy coming home and was eating baby food. Last night she refused food. Today, Her caregiver called me and told me I should come to her house. When I saw her I knew she was going to leave me. I held her hand and told her I loved her and it was ok if she moved on. About 45 minutes later she passed while I was holding her hand. It was such a peaceful spiritual moment. Since 2008 I was taking care of her financial affairs and had excellent caregivers living with her who became my family also. They treated my Mom like she was their baby and mother. Her years with them were happy. Up until May 1st we all went out for lunch which was sadly her last outing. After she passed they cleaned her up. Put on a clean change of clothes, put on her blue eyeshadow, lipstick and traced her eyebrows. She looked so beautiful. It wasn't until the mortuary came and took her that we all lost it. Yesterday was my 27th wedding anniversary and I feel somehow my mom hung on so I wouldn't associate her death the same day.

But the really strange thing was when I got the call, I left my house immediately about 4 blocks from my house I saw a car parked on the street that was the same car my parents had when my Dad passed. I made my mother sell it because it was a big car and wanted her to drive a smaller one. At that moment. I knew then I was going to lose my Mother. My Dad's car was coming for her I thought at that moment. My Mother is at peace tonight. She lived a good life and traveled the world. She was a gadfly fasihionista woman with a sparkling personality. And I was proud she was my Mother.
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