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Current location: Virginia
Member since: Wed Jun 1, 2011, 07:34 PM
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Navy brat-->University fac brat. All over-->Wisconsin-->TN-->VA. RN (ret), married, grandmother of 11. Progressive since birth. My mouth may be foul but my heart is wide open.

Journal Archives

Russian General Dead as 'Big Shot F*cking Command' Taken Out

Ukrainian forces took out yet another Russian general in a massive counterattack in Kherson, local authorities said Tuesday.

A general and five Russian military officers were killed in a Ukrainian strike on Russian headquarters using the U.S.-supplied M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARs), according to Serhiy Bratchuk, a representative of the Odesa regional military administration.

“After a strike by HIMARS on the headquarters in the Kherson region, Major General [Artyom] Nasbulin, the head of the 22nd Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces (military unit 73954, Simferopol), was killed. Colonel Kens, whose death we announced yesterday, died there as well. And apart from him, the commander of the 20th motorized rifle division (military unit 22220, Volgograd) Colonel Andrei Gorobyets, the head of the operational department of the headquarters of the 20th MRD, Colonel Koval, the head of artillery of the 20th MRD, Colonel Gordeev. In total more than 150 died, including 5 officers,” Bratchuk said in a statement posted on Telegram.

Russian-installed authorities in the occupied Nova Kakhovka confirmed a Ukrainian strike on the area but made no mention of the Russian general and officers killed, claiming instead that Ukrainian forces had used “American HIMARS” to strike a warehouse storing a chemical compound that caused a massive explosion.

Russia’s RIA Novosti, citing local Kremlin-backed authorities, said at least five people were killed, seven were missing, and up to 80 were injured.


I've lost count, but Russia is running out of generals so much that they had to call up a 300 lb+ retired one a couple of weeks ago. He looked like Meal Team 6 and Gravy Seals all in one.

The state took children from their parents -- then failed to give them a 'real' education

Michigan is catastrophically failing to provide many of the most vulnerable children in its care with a quality education, delaying some teenagers’ graduation by years or leaving them so frustrated that they drop out of school, according to foster youth, their advocates and educators who’ve tried to help them.

NBC News spoke with 10 current or former Michigan foster youth who collectively spent time in more than a dozen residential facilities in recent years, either because social workers couldn’t find a family to take them or because the state said they needed treatment for mental health or substance misuse issues.

All of them attended classes for months or years with other young residents of those facilities.

All of them were assigned schoolwork and completed it, they said.

Some thought they’d received quality instruction from caring teachers. Others recalled being largely parked in front of computers or handed packets of worksheets.

But all of them learned a difficult lesson when they moved out of these facilities and tried to transfer to a public school: The classes they took in the state-funded, state-licensed institutions didn’t necessarily count toward graduation.


Appalling. Just appalling.

When it comes to darker skin, pulse oximeters fall short

Over the past two years, the pulse oximeter has become a crucial tool for tracking the health of COVID-19 patients.

The small device clips onto a finger and measures the amount of oxygen in a patient's blood. But a growing body of evidence shows the device can be inaccurate when measuring oxygen levels in people with dark skin tones.

A study published on Monday only adds to this concern.

Researchers analyzing pre-pandemic health data also find those measurements resulted in patients of color receiving less supplemental oxygen than white patients did.

"We were fooled by the pulse oximeter," says the study's lead author Dr. Leo Anthony Celi, who's clinical research director and principal research scientist at the MIT Laboratory of Computational Physiology.

"We were given the false impression that the patients were okay. And what we showed in this study is that we were giving them less oxygen than they needed," he says.

These sobering findings are bringing more urgency to educating patients and medical professionals about the shortcomings of the pulse oximeter — and to designing new models that can work reliably regardless of someone's skin color.



There has been a massive uptick in book banning in this last year, starting in July 2021. Now, this trend has been going on for a while, in clear view if you’ve been paying attention. But recently? It’s gone from a few instances here and there, queer books being quietly removed from school shelves, to city governments firing librarians for not pulling queer books from their shelves, parents demanding schools not use books with the barest hint of anything resembling CRT in teaching, even private companies like Barnes & Noble getting pressured to not sell certain books. All in the name of “protecting children.” But there’s another trend, one that is clear if you’re paying attention and far too obvious once you realize it: a lot of these towns pushing book bans are historically linked to being sundown towns. Especially in Forsyth County, Georgia.

If you need a refresher, or like me grew up in a Southern/very conservative area (the two are not synonymous) and they just didn’t get to this in history classes, sundown towns are pretty close to what it says on the tin. During the Jim Crow Era, if you were not white or Christian, though these towns usually focused on Black individuals, you best be out of town before the sun sets. Sometimes, it wasn’t just a town, it was an entire county. If a Black family tried to move into the area, they would be harassed until they had to move out for their own safety. If you were passing through, you would be watched until you left, and if you didn’t make it out before the streetlamps came on, I hope you had some way of protecting yourself. Most of these towns or counties didn’t have ordinances on the books calling for this, the vast majority of the time it was the community coming together and collectively deciding that folks that didn’t look like them were not welcome and could not stay. With, of course, the exception of maybe one or two black families who were in service to white folks living there, and any interracial children that happened. They could stay, but that does not mean they were welcome.

If you’ve heard of the green book, it was probably in this context. The Negro Motorist Green Book listed towns that were safe for Black road-trippers to visit, where they wouldn’t be denied food or accommodation at restaurants and hotels, and won’t have to fear for their lives. It covered not just the United States, but also Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. It became known as “the bible of Black travel during Jim Crow,” and remained in publication, getting regularly updated, until the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964.

If you’re interested, there’s actually an online database, started by James W. Loewen of Lies My Teacher Told Me fame, where you can click on a state and see a list of what sundown towns or counties have been recorded thus far in that state. There are only two states not listed on the map, those being Alaska and Hawai’i. Every other state has at least a small handful of sundown towns in them. Even your super liberal state. Some places like Texas and Kentucky have a lot. This is a living database as well. It is not complete and only lists those that have enough information to confirm it as a sundown. They also track what towns have worked to rectify the past and do better. I highly recommend clicking through and checking out their other resources, as there is a lot more than just a database.

Forsyth county (not the city, that’s in a different county) is one of my county’s neighbors in Georgia, and the entire county was sundown. To an extreme amount. In 1912, in Oscarville, a white teenage girl was found beaten in the woods. Some local newspapers reported that she was raped. She ended up being in a coma for two weeks before dying from her injuries. One Black man was arrested for the crime and confessed (after being threatened with drowning and subjected to “mock lynching”) and four other Black men were arrested as well, three as suspects and one as a witness. Later the same day those four Black men were brought in, a white lynch mob broke into the jail house, shot one of the Black men in his cell, dragged his body through the streets and strung him up from a telephone pole. And that was just the beginning.


Condoleezza Rice joining Denver Broncos' incoming ownership group

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is joining the Denver Broncos' incoming ownership group.

The franchise announced Rice’s addition to the Walton-Penner Family ownership group on Monday morning, adding another high-powered Black woman to the small set of investors that is headed by Walmart heir Rob Walton and his daughter and son-in-law.

“We’re pleased to welcome former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to our ownership group,” Walton said in a statement Monday. “A highly respected public servant, accomplished academic and corporate leader, Secretary Rice is well known as a passionate and knowledgeable football fan who has worked to make the sport stronger and better.”

Rice served as Secretary of State for the final four years of George W. Bush’s presidency and also has an extensive background in sports. From 2013-2016, she served on the College Football Playoff selection committee.

Rice, a Birmingham, Alabama native, also has connections to Denver and Colorado. She lived in Denver during her childhood and holds undergraduate and doctoral degrees from the University of Denver.


Good place for her---out of politics! (she's also a big fan of women's basketball and was a frequent attendee at Stanford games)

Family found living with cache of weapons inside Nevada children's museum

A Nevada couple was found secretly keeping a cache of weapons and living with their two kids at a northern Nevada children’s museum where they worked, authorities said.

A janitor at the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada was arrested late last week, KRNV-TV in Reno reported Friday. The 41-year-old man has been charged with child neglect and endangerment and possession of a suppressor and a short barrel rifle.

Authorities discovered the arsenal in a storage room, they said. A police report listed an AK-47 rifle, three handguns, a pistol, ammunition, knives and a taser that could have been reached by a child. The stash also included drug paraphernalia like a bong and a used marijuana joint.

Officials realized the family was living in the museum after the man’s 2-year-old child was spotted walking nearby unsupervised, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office said. It was not the first time police interacted with the man over his child being left alone. But this time, the toddler’s older sister gave deputies the museum as their address.


Someone taught their kid too well...

In Uvalde, he lost 11 students and was badly wounded. Now he looks for a path forward

On a recent evening, family and friends are coming and going from the green apple-colored Uvalde home of Robb Elementary School teacher Arnulfo "Arnie" Reyes.

The fourth-grade teacher, who has undergone about 10 surgeries, is resting in his recliner by his air conditioner on a hot Texas night.

"You need to come in, brother? You can come in," he tells his sibling at the door of the small home.

Moments earlier, a wave of visitors, who are part of a community "food train," brought Reyes and his family lasagna for this evening's meal. They also brought gifts, including a maroon and silver wreath, his school colors.

His mother, Rosemary Reyes, prepared her son's first meal home, his favorite of bean and cheese tacos.

She's part of a long list of people and things Reyes missed during his stay at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. He returned from the hospital a month to the day of the shooting.

"I'm home to heal," the 45-year-old said.


Gun nuts chase people like this from teaching.

Comforting fact, maybe...

Obama was the president for 8 years.

Confederacy existed for 4 years.

America had a black president longer than the confederacy existed.

Obi-Wan Kenobi--Quick Q

Is it just a coincidence that the Emperor bears a strong resemblance to one Addison Mitchell McConnell?

Tennessee hot dog restaurant offering free milkshakes with proof of vasectomy

While more states ban abortions in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a Tennessee hot dog restaurant is rewarding men who took a major personal step to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Daddy’s Dogs in Nashville is offering free milkshakes to men who’ve had vasectomies.

It’s the “Snip for shake” deal, and so far, the restaurant says it handed out nearly 15 free milkshakes.

Customers just need to bring a doctor’s note or proof of procedure to receive a free milkshake.

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