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Current location: Virginia
Member since: Wed Jun 1, 2011, 07:34 PM
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Navy brat-->University fac brat. All over-->Wisconsin-->TN-->VA. RN (ret), married, grandmother of 11. Progressive since birth. My mouth may be foul but my heart is wide open.

Journal Archives

Ford to build new plants in Tennessee, Kentucky in $11 billion investment in electric vehicles

Ford Motor Co. on Monday announced plans to invest $11 billion to build several new plants to produce parts for electric vehicles, creating nearly 11,000 jobs.

This company will pay for a new assembly plant to build all-electric F-Series trucks and three battery plants, including factories in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Ford had already announced an investment over the past two years of $950 million in the Rouge Complex in Dearborn, Michigan, to build the all-electric 2022 F-150 Lightning.

Bringing the battery supply chain to the U.S. insulates Ford from being held hostage by battery shortages the way the industry has been kneecapped by the global semiconductor chip shortage.


Eli Manning's hips don't lie, LeBron's NFL offers and 'Ma, the Meatloaf!' among Week 3 MNF highlight

Eli Manning’s hips don’t lie.

It’s the news you didn’t know you needed to know, following the third edition of the Peyton and Eli broadcast between the Manning brothers on "Monday Night Football."

Both quarterbacks were discussing Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s pregame routine warming up his hips, and it was enough to provoke Eli from getting up from his couch and mimicking the action.

“These hips don't lie. I'm like Shakira,” Eli said. “These hips don’t lie, Peyton.”

Eli tried his best to show Peyton how the workout helps Prescott open his hips to create torque for his throws.

And Peyton couldn’t help himself, getting a joke off at his little brother’s expense.

“Your boys medium jeans are kinda keeping you from really kinda getting turned,” Peyton said.

Love 'em or hate 'em (we love 'em, it's kinda like "the Smothers Brothers do MNF" it looks like they're getting the ratings.

Trump Called to Insist His Penis Didn't Look Like a Toadstool, Press Sec Says

For a former press secretary who held zero briefings during her 9-month tenure, Stephanie Grisham certainly has a lot to say about the culture of the Trump White House in her new book, namely that it was a pit of sexual harassment.

The former White House press secretary and longtime aide to Melania Trump describes a president who objectified a press aide, unsettled Grisham with his denials that he raped magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll in the 1990s, and once called her to talk about how his penis was not small or weird, according to excerpts from the book, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House.”

Grisham, for example, wrote that Trump was allegedly so obsessed with a young female press aide that he once requested she be brought on to Air Force One so he could “look at her [behind],” according to the Washington Post and New York Times, which both obtained copies of the book ahead of its publication next week. Trump also told Grisham to promote the woman and “keep her happy.”

On another occasion, after Stormy Daniels said in an interview that Trump’s penis looked like a “toadstool,” Grisham says Trump called her to assure her that his penis was, in fact, not shaped like a toadstool or small. “Uh, yes sir,” Grisham says she replied.

Wanna bet Stormy hung up and laughed her ass off?

Not just the US: Sovereign Citizen Took an Elderly COVID Patient Out of the ICU

CORK, Ireland — Joe McCarron was clearly struggling to breathe. His voice is barely audible when the doctor leans over and earnestly tells him: “You have the right to decide what to do. You are barely able to breathe. We want you to stay.”

McCarron is sitting in a wheelchair in a corridor of the Letterkenny University Hospital in County Donegal, Ireland. It is Sept. 14 and McCarron is at the center of a tug-of-war between the doctors who want to keep him in the ICU to treat a severe case of COVID-19 and a group of sovereign citizen activists who had come to “rescue” McCarron.

“We came to Letterkenny to rescue my friend because they were trying to kill him,” one of the activists, an Italian man named Antonio Mureddu, tells McCarron, who appears confused and distressed throughout the ordeal.

"We are walking home from the hospital and nobody is going to stop us. We are going home. We are saving the lives of the people," Mureddu declares before telling McCarron: "If you stay here, they are going to fucking kill you.”

Ultimately McCarron left the hospital and was taken home. But days later the virus had spread to his brain, and he was rushed by ambulance back to the hospital and put on a ventilator. On Friday, McCarron died in the hospital.

ISTM that this Mureddu guy should be charged with kidnapping and reckless endangerment at the very least, but what do I know?

11 charged in Adam Oakes alleged hazing death appear in court

Eleven former members of the Delta Chi fraternity’s VCU chapter appeared in court on charges relating to the alleged hazing death of freshman Adam Oakes. Ten defendants, who face charges in Richmond, were released on bond Monday. The remaining defendant is facing a judge in Prince William County and was released on bond as well.

On Friday, 8News reported that eight of the 11 charged had been taken into custody by VCU Police and Virginia State Police. The three remaining students – Andrew White, Alexander Bradley and Robert Fritz – since turned themselves in.

One defendant, Alexander Bradley, turned himself in in court on Monday. While that’s not the normal process, his attorney told a Richmond judge that when he heard the arraignments were taking place this morning, he brought his client to the courthouse.

All ten defendants in Richmond were granted bond, with bail ranging from $500 to $5,000. The difference in bond was not due to differences in charges against the defendants, but rather a result of the discretion granted to the different judges who handled each arraignment.

Mandatory drug and alcohol testing was also made a condition of their release. Many of them were ordered to live with their parents or remain in Virginia for the time being. Andrew White, who prosecutors describe as a key player in what happened, since moved to South Carolina and was told he must move in with his parents who live in Virginia.

There is a pretty comprehensive account of what the prosecutors say was done to Oakes farther down the page. It is truly appalling.

Judge rules in Wisconsin teen's favor after sheriff threatened jail over Covid post

A federal judge ruled that a Wisconsin sheriff violated free speech protections guaranteed by the first amendment when he asked a teen to remove an Instagram post about Covid-19 that “upset” local parents in March last year.

The teen, Amyiah Cohoon, and her parents sued the sheriff’s department after a deputy threatened to arrest family members if Amyiah did not delete an Instagram post which described her experiences when possibly infected by Covid-19. She was 16 at the time.

“Labeling censorship societally beneficial does not render it lawful,” wrote Brett Ludwig, a district court judge in Milwaukee. “If it did, nearly all censorship would evade first amendment scrutiny.”

According to Ludwig’s ruling, the post, made in mid-March 2020, was the subject of “numerous” calls to health and school officials in Marquette county. At the time, the county had not yet had a case of Covid-19.


R. Kelly Has Been Found Guilty Of Racketeering And Sex Trafficking

After more than 25 years of accusations and a federal court trial in New York that lasted seven weeks, R&B singer R. Kelly has been found guilty of charges including sexual exploitation of a child, bribery, racketeering and sex trafficking involving five victims. Kelly faces a possible sentence of 10 years to life in prison.

Kelly sat absolutely still as the foreperson gave the jury's verdict to Judge Ann Donnelly.

Fourteen alleged underlying acts were associated with the racketeering charge. The jury found that the government had proved 12 of those acts, which involved five victims: the singer Aaliyah as well as women named Stephanie, Jerhonda Pace, Jane and Faith. Two acts associated with an alleged victim named Sonja were not proved. (Most alleged victims went by their first names or pseudonyms.) The government needed proof of only two of the racketeering acts for a guilty charge'

Federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York successfully proved to a jury of seven men and five women that Kelly had been the head of a criminal enterprise whose purpose was to lure girls, boys and women to the R&B singer for his sexual gratification.


3 dead, 50 injured, many questions after Amtrak train derails in Montana

Amtrak was joining with federal safety officials Sunday to investigate a Montana train derailment that left at least three people dead and rural communities scrambling to provide food and shelter to the stunned survivors.

The westbound Empire Builder train with 141 passengers and 16 crew members derailed Saturday afternoon near Joplin, a town of less than 200 people just a few miles from the Canadian border. The tragedy occurred as Amtrak was closing out its nationwide, annual Rail Safety Week.

Liberty County sheriff’s dispatcher Starr Tyler confirmed the deaths, saying there also were multiple injuries.

Amtrak spokesman Jason Abrams said eight of the train's 10 cars toppled off the tracks, some of them sitting on their sides when the Seattle-bound train out of Chicago came to a halt.

INFRASTRUCTURE, people! It's not just highways and bridges. And my apologies if this has already been posted, but I did not see it. I would have thought it would be on Latest Breaking News.

WTF, people? Two unrelated shootings involving/targeting college football players

Utah sophomore cornerback Aaron Lowe was shot and killed at a house party in Salt Lake City early Sunday morning, local police confirmed.

The Salt Lake City Police Department said the shooting occurred at a home around three miles southeast of Rice-Eccles Stadium, Utah's home stadium, shortly after midnight. The shooting resulted in Lowe's death and one other person shot. The other person shot remains in critical condition. Authorities have not identified a suspect.

"We are devastated to hear about the passing of Aaron Lowe," Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Aaron's family and friends, along with the other individual who was harmed in this tragic incident. Aaron was a great teammate, friend, brother and son and was loved by anyone who crossed paths with him. He will be deeply missed."


Authorities say a man has been arrested in connection with a shooting that killed one person and critically injured another near the Washington State University campus early Saturday morning.

Police in Pullman, Washington, later identified the injured victim as 22-year-old Brandon C. Gray, a wide receiver on the school's football team. The person who was killed was Liban A. Barre, 23, from Kent, Washington, police said. The Spokesman-Review reports Barre was not a student at WSU.


TN governor says open carry law, Kroger shooting are 'separate issues'

On Friday, Governor Bill Lee made his first public appearance since the mass shooting in a Collierville, TN Kroger where a gunman shot 15 people.

“It’s tragic. Our hearts go out to, and our prayers go out to, the victims and the families,” said Lee.

The Tennessee governor also addressed questions on whether the state’s open-carry law played a factor in what Collierville officials have called the “most horrific event” in the town’s history.

“[The] constitutional carry bill applies to law-abiding citizens,” said Lee. “What happened yesterday was criminal activity, violent criminal gun activity, and those are separate issues.”

Because of course he does. He's a RepubliQan.
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