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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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who can you

accuse of "shitting all over this thread". Wow??? And your deflection into reverse racism is laughable and transparent. geez


for people who have a stake in maintaining the status quo and that 'privilege' you mentioned...... just my observation on the continuing BS from some on this thread. You are right. Never will they admit it.

yours is

more like a dead end with concrete wall waiting......

How is the not

'willful misconduct"? So much for holder's department caring about some of amerikas citizens. Some yes, you guess, some no, still your guess. It's just not right. This one is sad.

viola luizzo died defending

our rights to be human beings with the same dignity that she had when she was murdered around Selma, Alabama. There have been many white people that I would trust on my back or in my foxhole in my lifetime and there are many still that I would trust. Not all are just beginning to care. The problem is, the people who are perpetuating the violence and racist mayhem in our society have the power backed by a racist hiding behind a gun and a badge, on the nations highest court and in the hall of congress where the real ability to affect change is. The RW media spews out their lies and disinformation daily. The people I would trust and people of color who have no real power hopefully will come together in the streets and say no more and this is the only salvation for this country.

Only the politicians are so cynical as to care about the problems of this society and the 'hoods' ONLY during election time to gain votes and hold on to the lobbyist money. You are correct. After they win, they could care less. We the people have start fielding people who really care about people and our condition(s)and we also should keep striving to have the ability to change the system that does not allow these type of caring, genuine people to hold office, locally and nationally.

I entirely believe

you hit the nail on the head about the media, 2000 the big theft-2003wmd madness, even the NYT was in on that lie among others to justify an illegal invasion of another sovereign nation -2004 another big theft. But people don't want to wake up. I won't believe...if 2014 ends up a total GOP victory or the media giving us numbers on voter turnout. They have been bought and totally compromised by RW MONEY. Period.


did you use that quote before somewhere in the past on this board. I mean I can start researching for myself? Just sounds so familiar from this board and it's discussions in the past on racists and their murders of unarmed people of color.

You're right

racist human beings are racist human beings. Period And there are a whole bunch of state sanctioned racists out there hiding behind a badge and that has nothing to do with your deflective words of "pure science". The nation is systemically, I almost venture terminally ill with institutionalized racism. If you mean the pure science of racism, okay. The pure science of a lethal projectile entering a body of unarmed and nonthreatening individuals many times, yeah there is a science of hate and bigotry there. Otherwise no relevance.

as you say

many millions of people simply cannot stomach the objectionable racism and bigotry that came out in the open in 2008. Yet it was not unexpected by me. Been fighting these idiotic and ignorant type of people for 51 years. Been demanding my human dignity for the same. I will keep fighting. I hope you do also. Actually with your passion for what is right, you're a cue ball knocking the hell out of ignorance and stupidity as exhibited by the open and not so open racists and bigots. They won't realize it till you run the table. One of my favorite games.

Oh yeah

I remember that. Truth is not something that can be denied, just banned in print and other MSM, which in this country is happening. The laws of this country were and still are designed to benefit one privileged segment of our 'democracy'/society. Until the idiots in blue, who are driven by insane racism, are held to the same legal standard as the ones they are murdering, the "privilege" and "evil" that some enjoy shall continue. DA's and judges the same. There is one privileged class and one class that is oppressed by the privileged class, subtly, by taking voting rights and civil rights away slowly. No ifs, and or buts about it. The sad part is that part of the oppressed class keeps voting for people who design laws to oppress them because fox snooze can keep them bamboozled, so nothing can be done about their lack of education or concern for the facts. JIM CROW is back, thank you very much, and it is in the abrogated voting rights, that evil Mr. Crow, these days, is attacking most vigorously. I'm just waiting for ALL my civil rights to be repealed-abolished in favor of the privileged class. The times are evil, driven by a not so subtle reactionary force bred in the 70's starting with Nixon's 'Southern Strategy". LeeAtwater and Kevin Phillips drudged that one up from a long history of hate and racism in southern mentality and culture. Any purist can google 'southern strategy'. It's all there.

Atwater and Phillips just took advantage of southern mentality and culture and it worked. That strategy has evolved and is much more pervasive today. Even the Supreme Court is not without taint from it by any stretch of the imagination.

A lot of americans, even some here, will deny any racism or class stratification exists. They will talk that post-racial society BS, but the walk is the other way. Deeper into the chasm of hate and bigotry.

Thank God for logical, reasoned, AWAKE people, like you, not lulled by honey boo boo and her cousin's family the Palin's. I plan on staying awake with you and many others and one day, I fear, a line must be drawn in the sand and what comes, will be.
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