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Member since: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 07:37 AM
Number of posts: 1,499

About Me

Photographer, chef, gardener, lover of the bizarre, liberal socialist democrat, humorist. Did I mention lover of the bizarre??

Journal Archives

The Lubber Grasshopper

I'm sure these bad ass hoppers have their place in the system.

Most see them as "BUGS", others as the horde pillaging the shrubberies.

I, for one, find them to be fascinating and beautiful.


I found these adolescents partying on my neighbors Easter decorations.

Observing them for a few days, I discovered they would retreat to the Easter disco and club all night. Then, once the sun had risen, they'd head off to munch at brunch.

POD ... 3M Morning Mushroom Macro

These little 'shrooms popped up this morning under my fountain grass.
I figured I'd take a picture before I ate them.

POD [pic/photo/post of (the) day] Backside Divi

Taken in Aruba where the Divi are shaped by the trade winds that constantly blow.
This was taken from the back (the windward side) of a very old tree.

POD Gauze

Scanned from a 6x4.5 Velvia transparency

POD Ant Man Bee

The man is taking the picture.
It's also the title to a song.
Correctly identify the artist and album to win 1,000 points.
No cheating by looking it up on Duckduckgo.com

And you can also right click on the photo and select open in new tab/window to view a larger image.


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