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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Florida
Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 04:52 PM
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I am shocked by this


The campaign to re-elect Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a reliable ally of President Donald Trump, appears to have received a deep discount on lodging at Trump International Hotel in Washington during the Republican National Convention in August, federal records show. Such a discount would violate federal election law barring corporations from contributing directly to campaigns, according to campaign finance experts.

Recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show the Gaetz campaign made four separate payments, ranging from $216.20 to $261.47, for lodging at Trump's hotel on Aug. 27, the last of four nights of the convention when Trump gave his acceptance speech from the White House lawn.

On that evening, the price for rooms for one adult through Hotels.com began at $795 and ran as high as $2,070, The Daily Beast reported. On the three convention dates prior to Trump's keynote address, the hotel priced its cheapest room at $695 a night. (Rates for rooms this week range from $695 to $895.)

It appears the hotel cut the Gaetz campaign a discount far below market rates. Even if the campaign had booked the cheapest room available, it appears to have paid about one-third of the market rate, saving anywhere between $470 and $530. Such a discount would represent an in-kind donation to the Gaets campaign, courtesy of Trump Old Post Office LLC. (The FEC treats any item of value as money.)

Don't get me wrong, I certainly believe that Gaetz and Trump are doing something illegal.

I am just shocked that Trump would give a discount to ANYBODY for ANYTHING. I would be more likely to believe that he charged more since it was suckers (ie donors) paying for it.

Meanwhile, the evil continues in the background

This just pisses me off


The U.S. Department of Justice sued Yale University on Thursday, accusing the Ivy League school of illegally discriminating against Asian and white applicants in undergraduate admissions.

The lawsuit escalates the Trump administration's push against affirmative action in admissions to elite universities, after it publicly supported a lawsuit by Asian-American students accusing Harvard University of discriminating against them.


Applicants must be "judged by their character, talents, and achievements and not the color of their skin," said Eric Dreiband, an assistant attorney general for civil rights. "To do otherwise is to permit our institutions to foster stereotypes, bitterness, and division."

So our Justice Department is using the Civil Rights Division to sue a private university under the Civil Rights Act to disallow diversity admissions.

That is just evil. And I am a white guy who just had a white daughter go through an college admissions.

Let's game this out

Assuming for the moment he actually does go back to the White House today...one of three things will happen.

Possibility #1 - he actually gets better. So be it. This was always going to be the statistical probability. Even old and unhealthy people have a good chance of survival. Then we can go on and talk about all of his other failings including the several hundred thousand that were not so lucky.

Possibility #2 - He takes a turn for the worse and needs to go back. The progress of this disease is not always linear so it is a definite possibility. The optics of this would be even worse than before.

Possibility #3 - He takes a turn for the worse and needs to go back but refuses to out of stupidity and concern for optics. This would put him at higher risk than necessary and could end up making him worse.

#1 has always been a probability. But he has increased the chances for #2 or #3 by being a terrible patient with awful motivations for everything he does.

The inverse relationship of the health of Trump and our Nation

From a purely social science perspective, I see a dichotomy unfolding.

If Trump is asymptomatic or has a mild case, it will reinforce the message that Covid is nothing to worry about and the Country will accelerate into a disastrous fall that is primed for a widespread outbreak and more death.

If Trump has a bad case or succumbs, it might be a reality check that forces his minions to take this shit seriously and could really bend the curve towards fewer cases and deaths nationwide.

No matter how I look at it, I see this inverse relationship. The better he does, the worse we do.
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