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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Florida
Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 04:52 PM
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I have a question about Rittenhouse trial

I am always appreciative of the various expertise that we have around here so this one goes out to our legal experts.

I understand that there is a feeling that Rittenhouse will be found not guilty because he had reason to be afraid and act in self defense.

OK I get that...BUT

To what degree is that fear a valid defense in the context of an illegal act. If someone robs a liquor store, they are not allowed to shoot the clerk when he pulls out a bat to defend the register. It seems that being in the act of a crime would nullify any claim of self defense.

So the question is, to what degree is a person like this responsible for putting himself into that situation by carrying an illegal firearm into a volatile situation?

Sure seems like some gray area there.

The unmentioned electoral factor

I see lots of wringing of hands over underperforming Democrats but I see one major factor being overlooked.


Specifically I mean COVID. People are exhausted from it and just want to move on. We keep trying to do the right thing and it does nothing but generate hatred.

In a kind world, people would want to wear masks to protect others. We do not live in a kind Country.

In a sane world, people would get the vaccine of their own accord. We do not live in a sane Country.

In a smart world, people would avoid interactions and crowded conditions. We do not live in a smart Country.

Time and time again, we have to be the adults in the room and enforce measures that should be followed of their own accord.

The vaccine mandate is the perfect example. People should just get the fucking shot but we can't just do what is right. So after we fell short of the goal and people kept dying, we had to be the adults and make people do it. And then we have to absorb all the backlash and get blamed for airline cancelations, staffing shortages, supply chain issues, etc. It is infuriating to me.

It is terrible way to expend political capital and I think there is a an under appreciated political cost to it . And I think it goes back to the election last year as well. People just wanted to be done with it and many bought into the candidates that told them it should be behind us.

It is like the classic stereotype of divorced parents. The single mom has to provide decent food and enforce homework while the weekend Dad spoils them all weekend. It is why we are constantly governing in repair mode because the voters always come home to us Sunday night after eating cake and ice cream all weekend.

We may as well be called the "Eat Your Vegetables Party".

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