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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Charlotte, NC
Member since: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 12:15 AM
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Charlie Pierce on Kathleen Rice, a leader of the Dem anti-Pelosi movement


I asked Kathleen Rice - a leader of the Dem anti-Pelosi movement - if she’s concerned this fight will show their party in disarray. “It was not as successful as some hoped it would be, we didn’t pick up as many seats as we thought we were going to get,” she said of the midterms.

She added: “Yes are in the majority, but if we don’t start listening to voters and the message they are sending us, then we’re not going to be the majority again.”



More Charles P. Pierce Retweeted Manu Raju
I note that Rep. Rice was a Republican until 2005 and, according to this report, is eager to work "across the aisle" with her former colleagues. This whole thing sounds like a put-up job to defang the new majority in its crib.

I, for one , am satisfied with the number of seats we got ! Is she implying we didn't lean right enough and pick up more seats in red districts?

From the link in Charles Pierce's tweet:

Four local Republican officials crossed party lines to endorse Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice for Congress on Tuesday, citing her efforts toward bipartisan public service.

“Kathleen Rice listens to her constituents, represents her entire constituency rather than just a select few,” said Thomas Tweedy, mayor of the Village of Floral Park. “She has earned our respect and support.” https://theislandnow.com/politics-99/kathleen-rice-wins-backing-from-gop-officials/

Now that the mid-terms are over, time for drug prices to rise!


BREAKING: Per @WSJ just now, Pfizer will raise prices on 41 drugs they delayed over the summer to please Trump.

Now the election is over and it’s back to business.

No wonder Tim Ryan's so angry....


No wonder Tim Ryan's so angry....

Genuinely wild to compare the demographics of Democrats who flipped seats in the 2006 wave vs. the 2018 wave.

...in 2006
- 3% POC
- 13% Women
- 23% Under 45
- 83% White men

...in 2018
- 21% POC
- 68% Women
- 53% Under 45
- 24% White Men

Distraction incoming!


NEWS: House Judiciary Committee chairman has initiated the process to subpoena JAMES COMEY and LORETTA LYNCH to appear before the committee the week after Thanksgiving.

Legislation passed when Pelosi was Speaker


Legislation passed when Pelosi was speaker:

Obamacare w/ public option
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay
Econ stimulus
Don't ask, don't tell repeal
Dream act
CHIP reauthorization
Employee Free Choice Act
Fair sentencing act
Disclose act

U.S. Is Optimistic It Will Prosecute Assange

The Justice Department is preparing to prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and is increasingly optimistic it will be able to get him into a U.S. courtroom, according to people in Washington familiar with the matter.

Over the past year, U.S. prosecutors have discussed several types of charges they could potentially bring against Mr. Assange, the people said. Mr. Assange has lived in the Ecuadorean embassy in London since receiving political asylum from the South American country in 2012.

The people familiar with the case wouldn’t describe whether discussions were under way with the U.K. or Ecuador about Mr. Assange, but said they were encouraged by recent developments.

Ecuador’s relationship with Mr. Assange has deteriorated sharply since last year’s election of President Lenin Moreno, who has described him as a “stone in our shoe” and said his continued presence at the embassy is unsustainable.


Stunning new stat out of Ohio


Stunning new stat out of Ohio:

We already knew that Republicans got 12 of OH's 16 US House seats despite winning only 52% of total congressional vote.

But get this: Republicans also managed to hold supermajorities in the Ohio legislature despite LOSING the total state leg vote.

Of 13 members on anti-Pelosi list, 10 are to the right of Dem Caucus


Of 13 current members on anti-Pelosi list, 10 are to the right of the Democratic caucus median & 11 are to the right of Pelosi. Copying Freedom Caucus tactics, but not a revolt from the left. Capitulating to a centrist minority of caucus would have implications for the session.

And 14 of 17 are men.

Congressional Black Caucus passed a vote of no confidence on DNC Chair Tom Perez


SCOOP: Congressional Black Caucus overwhelmingly passed a vote of "NO confidence" on DNC chair Tom Perez today in their caucus meeting.

Story TK shortly

LA Times says Avenatti's in custody, Avenatti's wife is denying it


Update: Avenatti’s wife says via her attorneys she *did not* make domestic violence claim against Michael and says the TMZ report is false.


Josh Rubenstein, LAPD’s director of communications, said Avenatti’s arrest Wednesday afternoon stemmed from an incident on the Westside, but he could not provide details until the attorney was formally booked.


From LAPD Twitter account


We can confirm that today LAPD Detectives arrested Michael Avenatti on suspicion of domestic violence. This is an ongoing investigation and we will provide more details as they become available.

Was it another woman? I mean, the guy's in custody.

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