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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Charlotte, NC
Member since: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 12:15 AM
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They just keep tweeting the quiet part out loud


I love how these people just keep tweeting out loud the 'quiet' part. But sure...yeah, it's not about politics or anything, just principle. Sureeee.

@nathanjrobinson centrists hate social democracy so much that they were willing to jettison every single basic moral principle, down to "sexual assault is disqualifying and you shouldn't dismiss and smear accusers" rather than considering nominating the guy who wants free healthcare



That playbook seems pretty straightforward indeed. And it's hard to divorce this from what sure looks like an attempt by some Sanders die-hards to get through a media-driven scandal what they couldn't get via democratic means: their guy as the nominee.

A pug in NC named Winston has tested positive for COVID-19

The pet dog of a family taking part in a study at Duke University is apparently the first in the U.S. to test positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Dr. Chris Woods, the lead investigator of the Molecular and Epidemiological Study of Suspected Infection (MESSI), confirmed in a statement to CBS News that, "To our knowledge, this is the first instance in which the virus has been detected in a dog. Little additional information is known at this time as we work to learn more about the exposure."

WRAL-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina, which was first to report the U.S. development, said the dog, a pug named Winston, is part of a family in Chapel Hill.The mother, father and son in that household were enrolled in the study and tested positive as well, WRAL said.

But another family dog and a cat didn't test positive. The family's lizard wasn't tested.The station quoted the mom, Heather McLean, a pediatrician at Duke, as saying Winston was having mild symptoms.


Check out the Venice canals! They're clear, not muddy and stinky


A jellyfish is spotted gliding through the canals of Venice, Italy, as decreased boat traffic has made the water more transparent, making it easier to observe marine life—even in the middle of town.

Molly Jong Fast and Rick Wilson have a podcast , The New Abnormal.

Just listened to it and enjoyed it. Today's guest was Daily Beast reporter Will Bunch who specializes in the alt-right and GOP fringe groups. He visited a couple of the rallies and said the people showing up there weren't working class people who are trying to pay their rent and need to get back to work but upper middle class Trump supporters who want to get their nails done .


Welcome to The New Abnormal, The Daily Beast’s podcast for a world gone off the rails.

On The New Abnormal, we’ll be talking with reporters, scientists, elected officials, and people across the country trying to find their way in a time where uncertainty has replaced information, and where the truth gets too frequently run over by the politics involved.

We both love to connect, and talk. And talk. And talk. (Fine, we admit it.) We’re troublemakers who aren’t afraid to cross party and policy lines—just ask anyone in our respective political movements. Though we may come from very different worlds and very different perspectives, we’ve both come to believe that in the age of corona, the old partisan games don’t seem to mean as much.

We’ll be calling down some fire on the people who are making this situation worse, from that grifter in the White House to COVID truthers and deniers to scam artists and people exploiting this moment for political gain. (If you guessed that Rick named that segment of the show “Fuck That Guy,” you win a fabulous door prize!)

The New Abnormal is a podcast to expand those conversations, and to connect Americans with smart people who are both covering this pandemic and engaged in finding solutions to the dangers and challenges we face because of it. (Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.)


Nicole Wallace just showed clips from a reopen rally

and one of the protesters had on a knit cap with a swastika on it. Crickets from Wallace. Why aren't journalists pointing things like this out?


Roger Ogden, the guy organizing the pro-COVID "protest" in San Diego, is a known white supremacist who has astroturfed a number of "Patriot" rallies over the years. Local news does a major disservice not explaining who he is - like he's just some guy.

If you look at these city by city, look who is organizing them. Look at the names and the organizations. They are either white supremacists or white supremacist-adjacent. They are proxies. These are not organic protests.

Not to say that there aren't people buying in. Those people are generally what are known as "useful idiots." It is truly embarrassing that people are so willing to be led by the nose, but that's who they were all along.

Yup. This "protest" horseshit started right when stories began to appear that the virus was ravaging communities of color (as did the coordinated public calls from other proxies to "open the economy."

An enormous rat just ran behind Trump in the Rose Garden per journalist


An enormous rat just ran behind
in the Rose Garden. You cannot make this stuff up.


Does shitweasel's hair look gray or is it just my tv?

If he's going for a more"dignified" look, it's not helping.

Coronavirus infection may cause lasting damage throughout the body, doctors fear

In a study posted this week, scientists in China examined the blood test results of 34 COVID-19 patients over the course of their hospitalization. In those who survived mild and severe disease alike, the researchers found that many of the biological measures had “failed to return to normal.”

Chief among the worrisome test results were readings that suggested these apparently recovered patients continued to have impaired liver function. That was the case even after two tests for the live virus had come back negative and the patients were cleared to be discharged.

At the same time, as cardiologists are contending with the immediate effects of COVID-19 on the heart, they’re asking how much of the damage could be long-lasting. In an early study of COVID-19 patients in China, heart failure was seen in nearly 12% of those who survived, including in some who had shown no signs of respiratory distress.

When lungs do a poor job of delivering oxygen to the body, the heart can come under severe stress and may emerge weaker. That’s concerning enough in an illness that typically causes breathing problems. But when even those without respiratory distress sustain injury to the heart, doctors have to wonder whether they have underestimated COVID-19’s ability to wreak lasting havoc.


Acting Navy Secretary Modly resigned


Al Franken's coming up on Nicole Wallace

She just mentioned it and don't know what time.
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