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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Charlotte, NC
Member since: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 12:15 AM
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The full Senate was invited to meet with Zelensky tomorrow via Zoom


NEWS: The full Senate was invited to meet with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy tomorrow morning via Zoom, two sources with knowledge tell NBC News.

I honestly don't know how talking to Putin will do any good, It seems useless


Putin in call with Germany's Scholz denied Russia bombing Ukrainian cities, dismissed such information as 'gross propaganda fakes'.

It's on video, satellite images etc. I mean wtf. How does any government leader even work with this guy?

Russian news channel RT to broadcast on GOP platform Rumble


Can it be more clear?

As RT (the Russian state propaganda outlet) is being banned across the West, and large media/tech co’s drop it…

RT now begins broadcasting on Rumble - the favored platform of the rw and GOP.

Peter Thiel and JD Vance are Rumble investors.


This is insanity!


Russian lawmakers have introduced legislation that would conscript into the military anyone arrested for protesting against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These people would be forced to fight in the invasion itself. What the fuck is happening to Russia. This is absolute madness

Why would the Russian military want them? They’d probably send them in there to be killed.

4 Russian fighter planes violated Swedish airspace at Gotland


Four Russian fighter planes violated Swedish airspace at Gotland.
At the same time Finland and Sweden are having a joint military exercise on the island with both Finnish F/A-18:s and Swedish JAS-39:s operating in the area!


Edited to add: A Swedish commenter said that this happens fairly often as Russia likes to play games and intimidate them, so probably meaningless.

A Norwegian commenter said that because they're a member of NATO , Russia never does this to them.

Putin has Paul Manafort's friend Yanukovych waiting in Minsk, Belarus to be Pres. of Ukraine


Putin wants to reinstate Yanukovych as president of Ukraine — Viktor Yanukovych is in Minsk, and the Kremlin is preparing an operation to replace Zelensky with the ex-president ousted by the EuroMaidan Revolution in 2014

But that’s not how U.S. diplomats saw it at the time. A U.S. embassy cable sent from Kiev to Washington in 2006 described Manafort’s job as giving an “extreme makeover” to a presidential hopeful named Viktor Yanukovych, who had the backing of the Kremlin and most of Ukraine’s wealthiest tycoons. His Party of Regions, the cable said, was “a haven” for “mobsters and oligarchs.”

Making things harder for Manafort were the candidate’s rough manners and criminal past, which had dimmed his chances of winning elections. Oafish and inarticulate, Yanukovych had served jail time in his youth for theft and battery. He also had a hard time speaking Ukrainian – the national language – as he had grown up in the Russian-speaking province of Donetsk. Yet Manafort accepted the challenge of trying to make Yanukovych electable. The man paying the exorbitant bills for these efforts was an early backer of the Party of Regions, the coal and metals magnate Rinat Akhmetov, who soon began calling Manafort his friend.


Yanukovych is a total thug just like Belarus' Lukashenko

Russians attack Babyn Yar Holocaust massacre site in Kyiv

Russian missiles and shells pounded Kyiv on Tuesday and also struck the site of Babyn Yar, where tens of thousands of Jews were massacred during the Holocaust.

Andriy Yermak, Chairman of the Ukrainian Presidential Office, said: "Russia has launched a missile attack on the territory where the Babyn Yar memorial complex is located. These villains are killing Holocaust victims for the second time."


Fuck this asshole. He's calling Ukrainians, Americans and Europeans neo-nazis but it's pure projection.

Russia just struck a TV tower. They released a statement saying they were going after communications


The MAGA Trucker Convoy Is Mad Ukraine Is Getting All the Attention Right Now

Even the “truckers for freedom” Telegram channel with its 96,000 subscribers can’t decide if it’s more interested in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or their very own convoy puttering across the U.S. of A.

As many of the groups organized as a part of the so-called Trucker Convoys protest (the vast majority of the vehicles taking part are not big rigs) enter the final portion of their long haul, the group aiming to end COVID-19 health measures are disappointed by the lack of eyes on them, particularly after the Canadian version captured the attention of right-wing Americans for weeks on end.

Even the organizing pages are being peppered with conversations about the war, updates on Russian advancements, and brainstorming on how to make this about them. “Wasn't this group originally about the global freedom convoy? How did it get highjacked so easily?” one supporter asked. Others desperately tried to direct people Ukraine-posting toward other chats. A few “truckers” are upset that people think what the Ukrainian people are going through is as bad as being asked to wear a mask or vaccine mandates.

“People now say: Well, those ‘Freedom Truckers’ sure picked a bad week to try and get attention for being victims of tyranny,” wrote one Trucker fan annoyed by the war in Ukraine. “They are starting to twist the events by saying oh our suffering is somehow much less. NO IT IS NOT!”


Macron talked to Putin today


I am in constant communication with President Zelenskyy. I would like to commend his great sense of responsibility. At the latter’s request and given the humanitarian situation, I called President Putin.
3:16 PM · Feb 28, 2022·

To President Putin, I reiterated the international community’s demand to end the Russian offensive against Ukraine and insisted on the need to immediately establish a ceasefire.

With discussions starting between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations, I asked him to stop all strikes and attacks on civilians and residential areas, preserve all civilian infrastructure and secure main roads. He confirmed his willingness to commit to these points.

I demanded compliance with international humanitarian law and the protection of civilian populations, such as aid delivery. In this respect, France submitted a resolution to the United Nations Security Council.

To prevent the situation from worsening, I suggested to President Putin that we stay in contact over the coming days. We will continue our discussions.

Putin is probably full of shit but we'll see.
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