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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 08:35 PM
Number of posts: 2,600

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Since the GQP is having fits about Pres Biden's student loan forgiveness plan maybe he should..

take from their own Qrump playbook, double down and up the forgiveness amount to $50,000 or more. I know some DU members are not in favor of his plan but they are (or should be) a minority...imo

Am I the only one who thinks this Riggleman character is very slimy/sleazy?

Just caught the end of him on Chris Hayes...

Just wondering, How did Ghouliani travel to Atlanta...plane?

Can't fly because of medical reasons....hmmm....

Getting the infamous "Forbidden" error a lot today...nt

I did my part..

Just voted here in my small Kansas town....A resounding NO!...Long line at poll which I hope is a good sign but going by the few number of masks worn I'm not sure....

Edit: Due to the thuglican produced distorted (on purpose) amendment, a NO vote keeps right to choose in place as decided by the state supreme court a few years back... I did see a "Vote NO" sign on the main intersection in town on my way to the polls...

I live in KS and just got a total lie of a text from an anonymous source about the choice amendment

It says to vote Yes on the Amendment in tomorrows primary election to save women's reproductive rights..Vote Yes to protect women's health...this is a complete reversal of what the Amendment actually says...you must vote NO to keep any access to abortion legal in Kansas....lying sacks of trash...no doubt some will be fooled by this...

I really hate it when people post on multiple forums because it shows up in latest threads

multiple times...latest threads is my main starting point and it is very annoying (to me anyway)...just a comment...

Russia is like Green Eggs and Ham to me...I do not like them...nt

Here's hoping Ukraine will celebrate Russia's "Victory Day" by blowing up lots of Russian stuff..nt

Would a US Embassy or other installation in Ukraine be considered part of NATO?

Just wondering about this with the reopening of the US Embassy in Ukraine. If it is hit during a Russian attack what would be the possible consequenses?
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