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Profile Information

Name: Yoshida Yui
Gender: Female
Hometown: San Francisco
Home country: USA
Current location: Northern California
Member since: Mon Sep 9, 2013, 03:28 AM
Number of posts: 40,069

About Me

Japanese/Hawaiian native- born in San Francisco. Dean Democrat. Previous student in Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. Yoshida family originally from Miyazaki Japan. Liliko'i family from the big Island of Hawaii, Buddhist: Jodo Shu ("The Pure Land School"). Cannabis User (Medical).Asian music lover! favorite band: D'ESPAIRSRAY, SONG : Yamini furu Kiseki ! On twitter: @yuiyoshida1987. Favorite movie of all time:Shin Godzilla. Favorite Game: Monster Hunter Word: Iceborne. PLAYING now: Ghost of Tsushima -- by birthright I am an Onna Bugeshia! Faito!! Ganbarimasu.

Journal Archives

Baby Yoda is "CANCELED" for Eating Frog Eggs (Spoiler alert for this episode)

kana chan TV: $ 27 octopus at Whole Foods! Octopus prices are too high in America :_(

6 post-presidency lawsuits waiting for Trump

After Trump Lost Election, See How He's Losing In Court The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Owned by On-Air Caller NowThis

They really BELIEVE this Election was Stolen from them


This President has KILLED OVER 200,000 PEOPLE and is expected to have over 400,000 by February.. HOW THE FUCK CAN HE RUN AGAIN??

Seriously. the Southern District of New York best put Trump in Prison for quite a long time, the last thing we need is a
second term in 2024. There IS no fucking way, He can be President again, especially if he has a charge of Tax Fraud.

Takin' It To The Streets - The Doobie Brothers (1976)

has that much changed since 1976?

Trump's Debt, Greed, And Loose Lips Raise Security Concerns After Office Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Yami Ni Furu Kiseki - D'espairsRay Miracle in the Dark

English Translation

In the rather wondrous lonely sky
My thoughts that will never die are floating
The cold winds brings the season,
My frozen white sigh heralded winter

My voice is in the letter written to you
It wafts down under you along with the white snow...

My heartless words torture you
Well I suppose until even now it pains you
And in the interior of the pain, the fact was that you continued to conceal a face unknown to me, didn't you?
Without feeling your pain
I was making you suffer alone in the darkness

With you, whom I met in the pure white winter
I want it so that the two of us can share the pain
Always, by your side unchangeable, though the seasons cycle again...

In the dreary room I fear that I will lose you as you sink into the void
So that you won't disappear like this
I bounded your limbs, body, neck, and fingertips with red thread
Over and over, again and again, until your movements die off

I feel your existence until it hurts
Your smile that seemed broken was what I noticed first
Our fingertips touched they shiver as if they were freezing

You, looking like you would disappear in the pure white snow; show me the weakness you carry with you
Don't cry, for you are no longer alone
Let us watch the dream together...
Let us go to meet the waiting sorrowful, white, first blizzard of the season
If this earth should fall to a desolate end
Let us clasp our hands and walk, the two of us...

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