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Member since: Tue Mar 25, 2014, 01:18 PM
Number of posts: 14,147

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Hillary has a position on the TPP and existing trade agreements ...

you just won't find them in her position statements on her website.

Wonder what that means?

Where are the Transcripts?

Lastest Hillary defense: It's okay to take huge contributions from gazillionaires because ...


Now there's a defensible rationale, no?

Has it ever occurred to you that "incrementalism" is really ...

nothing more than accomplishing symbolic gestures?

Why must Hillary supporters feign outrage over Bernie

spending "hundreds of thousands of dollars" to give a 10 minute speech at the Vatican today" and then go on about compassionate Hillary spending today in Harlem by comparison?

No less why must they post this small-minded ridicule in the Hillary group instead of in GD-P?

Why? From the people who consistently complain about Bernie supporters being hurtful and mean? I don"t understand that.

This stuff really seems quite childish.

Where are the transcripts???

Yet Another Reason I'm Supporting Bernie

... over Hillary!

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