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Why Do Progressives Cling to Hillary?

Good question. Good article. What do you think?

How could so many progressives vote for Hillary over Bernie? … What does Hillary offer to progressives that Bernie can’t provide in abundance?

1. Hillary’s a proven winner?
Hillary progressives cling to this winner meme even though poll after poll shows that Sanders is running better against all the Republican candidates. Hillary’s favorable/unfavorable ratings according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls is -15.2%, while Bernie’s is +5.2%.

2. Hillary knows how to get things done?
You would think Hillary progressives would be concerned about many of her past accomplishments. If Hillary wants to take credit for the Clinton presidency when it comes to job creation, she must also shoulder the responsibility for dismantling “welfare as we know it,” the crime bill which helped make the U.S. the world leader in prisoners, and NAFTA which helped to gut good-paying industrial jobs.

3. Hillary is realistic, Bernie is not?
Bernie wants to mobilize the country into a “political revolution” for fundamental change. Hillary has no interest in such a movement. She sees herself as the change-maker-in-chief. It’s all about her ability to produce pragmatic changes, not about our ability to force such changes into existence.

4. Hillary is more experienced in foreign affairs?
It is hard to distinguish her record from the neoconservatives. She supported the Iraq War ... called for more troops to surge in Afghanistan than even the leading generals wanted ... engaged in nation-building in Libya and tacit regime change in Honduras ... wants a no fly zone in Syria that most generals say would require tens of thousands of support troops.
The primaries provide a classic “hawk vs dove” choice, and Hillary progressives are going with the birds of prey.

etc, etc


Latest in Hillary Group -- ridiculous!

Clicked on a post in the Latest Threads directory before I realized it was posted to Hillary group. Here's the heading:
WP: Sanders is biggest spender of 2016 so far — generating millions for consultants

Now they are criticizing Bernie for spending our money to enrich wealthy people.

These DINOs know no bounds do they?

It seems to me their authoritarian bent won't let them be gracious in the face of any challenge whatsoever. I dunno, to call themselves Democrats just seems downright ludicrous to me.

So was watching MSNBC coverage...

last night. It was disheartening to see them rant and rave about how Bernie is just being self-centered, nasty and destructive and how his supporters are just idealistic young folks with no real life experience and are not democrats. The condescension was dripping from their lips like Hillary can do no wrong. Even the cool headed heads were drowned out by the yelling and constant bias against Bernie – especially by Joy Reid and, of course, Chris Matthews shaking his head in harsh disapproval of all things Bernie. They were mad last night about the reality that Bernie isn’t just going to roll over; it all came crashing down hard on them especially as they realized that Hillary has major weaknesses that won’t now be papered over immediately and may limp into the nomination. They told us for months (heck years) that Hillary was going to win not just by huge margins, but without a real challenge from any quarter. I will no longer watch MSNBC and might even have to revoke my membership in the Democratic Party iif this kind of behavior continues.

PS – A note of appreciation to Legends303 of Hillary group for providing the framework and much of the text for this post. The names and some of the facts have been changed to provide perspective, but the sentiments remain the same.

Hillary has a position on the TPP and existing trade agreements ...

you just won't find them in her position statements on her website.

Wonder what that means?

Where are the Transcripts?

Lastest Hillary defense: It's okay to take huge contributions from gazillionaires because ...


Now there's a defensible rationale, no?

Has it ever occurred to you that "incrementalism" is really ...

nothing more than accomplishing symbolic gestures?

Why must Hillary supporters feign outrage over Bernie

spending "hundreds of thousands of dollars" to give a 10 minute speech at the Vatican today" and then go on about compassionate Hillary spending today in Harlem by comparison?

No less why must they post this small-minded ridicule in the Hillary group instead of in GD-P?

Why? From the people who consistently complain about Bernie supporters being hurtful and mean? I don"t understand that.

This stuff really seems quite childish.

Where are the transcripts???

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