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Member since: Fri May 23, 2014, 02:42 PM
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In my opinion, behaving as if or counting on justice Roberts to render actual justice

is ill advised. Everything Schiff has done has been brilliant up to this point, but Iím not sure I agree with this ploy.

I just called both of my senators this morning

Murkowski and Sullivan. I was polite, I avoided raging or raving, I made very level points about how it isnít possible to have a trial without calling witnesses or reviewing evidence. Then I thanked the hapless phone-niks for their time this morning and hung up. (One seemed particularly befuddled when I began the conversation by asking her how her day was going).

I know Iím whistling in the dark here. I know both these idiots will vote to sweep all this shit under the rug. And even worse I know that Sullivan is going to get re-elected this November.

Iíll be calling again tomorrow morning, and every morning thereafter that this debacle continues. Eventually, if I do my job right, they may rue my calls, or at least thatís my goal.
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