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Member since: Fri May 23, 2014, 02:42 PM
Number of posts: 1,009

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They need to start DWTS early this year for all us shut-ins.

Only be sure and practice proper social distancing.

The tangoes would be something to see.

It might be the first all “line dance” DWTS competition. Hopefully the last.

Sorry, I'm not on board with this.

First you couldn’t use the word “old”.

Now you’re objecting to “elderly”.

This is moving the goalposts unnecessarily.

Wonder where I'll be in a year?

Probably be sittin’ right here.

With apologies to Roger Clyne for biting his lyrics.

Others have noted there are a ton of “doom and gloom” posts here. Coronavirus. The economy. Politics in general. What’s a critical thinker to do?

I wonder just how much credence to give many of the posts that begin with “I’m an RN in XXXXX, and here’s what happened today”. Just as I’m not going to take any medical advice from a speaking orange anus that appears on my lawn in front of a helicopter and rants on my television from time to time, I’m also going to weigh 100% of the stuff that finds its way onto my computer monitor from an opinion board on the web. I’d urge everyone else to do the same, lest we become as unfortunate as the gent who mixed up a teacup full of aquarium cleaner in attempt to fend off the virus.

Read all of the posts that you like here. Take every one with a generous pinch of salt. For certain, don’t take ANY medical advice you get here, nor ANY legal advice you get here. There’s a reason to be concerned, and yes you should act accordingly. Don’t overreact. Especially because of what someone has posted here.

Ya think Donnie sent Lou Dobbs an autographed copy of todays market action?


It's honest wonder folks, that's all.

I was around here in 2016 about this time. I hurt myself skiing, was laid up for a few months, and this was someplace to keep myself occupied that didn’t hurt my knee.

I was only here for a brief time, as I ran afoul of one of the crowds that simply would not hear anything negative said about their candidate. It got pretty damned foul, so I split. But I see it happening all over again, right now.

I see people over in the primaries thread starting OP’s demanding apologies for this or that slight against their candidate, ridiculing the supporters of the other candidates, belittling anyone who doesn’t support their candidate. Deja vu all over again, man.

On one level it is a bit disappointing to see all of this divisive bullshit, knowing what’s at stake. On quite another level I wonder what the percentage is of folks here who are just shit stirrers or “bots”? And I wonder if on election night, DU will go dark again?

The stakes are higher, there are probably more bad actors than there were 4 years ago, and I’ve seen some absolutely outrageous ads masquerading as news that I can’t believe anyone would believe....but apparently they do.

All I know is that I’m pretty much a results based creature. That is to say, I’m not really letting any of this get to me, until I see what the results are on Wednesday, November 4th. I expect that the republicans will still get a lot more votes than I think they should, because they manipulate their core pretty damned effectively. But if the orange turd isn’t voted out by at least a 10% margin after all is said and done, if republicans don’t suffer significant losses by the same or more margin in key races, (Collins, McConnel, Jordan, et al) I believe the depression will begin to set in.

All this comes from hearing about (I don’t do facebook) posts my friends make on their walls voicing support for trump. After all this, in the midst of all his incompetence, his lying, projecting, blaming, sniveling, and preening, they still talk about how unfairly he’s being treated.

It boggles my mind, and I hope my wonder doesn’t turn to despair because we end up fighting amongst ourselves about the crumbs we are begrudged.
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