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RE the Asian massage parlor incel

I don’t wonder at all that the first reports had him as a “good church going boy”. The truth is that if he’d just been frequenting prostitution places without the guilt trappings generously ladled on with the “good religious upbringing”, he probably wouldn’t have been inclined to kill anyone, just continue frequenting prostitutes.

And to all of you folks here who are ‘just realizing’ that these Asian massage parlors you’ve driven by every day aren’t legit businesses, I really lack the words. I’m one of the more naive people you’d meet in this world, and I’ve known what they were about since a tender age. Both on the prostitution side and on the human trafficking side.

Republicans have not only known, they endorse the strongest-eat-the-weakest mentality. Payday loan lenders are one of the biggest donors in UT to the Republican Party. Wouldn’t surprise me to find that massage parlers were a close second. As long as they pay the party they will look the other way. This in the pious bastion of Zion.

I just trashed every thread mentioning British twits and their wives.

Kind of cathartic really.
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