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Derek V

Profile Information

Name: Derek
Gender: Male
Member since: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 03:20 AM
Number of posts: 532

About Me

i used to list both my hometown and current location, but now, I\'m expecting a goon squad at any time because an OP I made.

Journal Archives

Fight The Power!

But not the pepperoni! I WANT EXTRA!

Bratton: NYC Cops 'quite Simply, Assassinated'

A request, please: After watching the entire video, replay the 0:03-0:13 portion. Then replay it again. Then replay it again. And think about the words being spoken.

The Rise of Russia's Hate-Filled Ultra Nationalist Movement


They claim to be anti-Putin, which raises the obvious question: Why are they still free???

Slate: Why Elizabeth Warren Won't Run

You could almost call this week the official start of the 2016 presidential race. Yes, the “invisible primary” of jockeying and influence has been going on since the end of the last election. But it’s only been in the last few days that the structure of the field, on both sides, has become clearer.

For Democrats, clarity means the picture is still static. Hillary Clinton still towers over every potential competitor, the most popular person in the Democratic Party not named Barack or Michelle. Need proof? In a survey released this week, 50 percent of Americans said they could support Clinton in an election. And in a hypothetical primary—drawn from an average of available polls—almost two-thirds of Democrats support Clinton over everyone else in the field, from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Vice President Biden. And, contrary to some observers, this isn’t like 2006 or 2007. Then, Clinton was a modest favorite in the field. Now, she’s the undisputed leader.

Where things have changed are in the internal dynamics of the party. A year ago, the left of the Democratic Party didn’t have an ideological leader. Now, it arguably does in the form of Warren. Many see this as a prelude to a presidential run, but it’s just as likely that she tries to institutionalize her influence as a party broker, someone who speaks for liberal Democrats and can claim concessions in return for support. Or, as Dana Milbank argues for the Washington Post, a left-wing analogue to former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, who now serves as president of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

If that’s true, then the ambiguity of Warren’s status in the presidential race—“Is she running?”—is a strategic choice. The more Clinton, or anyone else, is worried about a Warren insurgency, the more likely it is that that person will try to adopt her positions or assuage her concerns as an ideological leader. No, the eventual Democratic nominee won’t be Elizabeth Warren, but she might sound like her.


If this article---which acknowledges the possibility that Elizabeth Warren may actually NOT be the Messiah---angers you, I suggest that you read the whole thing, for it ALSO opines that Jeb Bush can't win.

Shortly after the ACA was passed, Bill Maher had his Best Segment Ever

New Rules is, for me, the highlight of every Real Time. It's like Maher is at the plate, hitting singles, doubles, and a couple of homers. In this clip---which should have been required viewing for all our Senate candidates this year---he smashes Gland Slam after Grand Slam out of the ball park, with a few landing two states over. Enjoy!

"Drug Prohibition is the Golden Goose of Terrorism"

Judge Jim Gray spares no one in this evisceration of our drug policy!

We're Being Robbed, But The People Doing It Will Never Go To Prison

Sesame Street Presents: Echoes Of Incarceration

THIS JUST IN: Sean Hannity, upon viewing the above, said, "You see now, you Godless Pinko Liberals? The police don't want to be murdering black people, but they have to do it, to save them from going to jail!"
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