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Ironing Man

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Member since: Wed Mar 11, 2015, 02:09 PM
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the inevitable Jeremy Corbyn thread....

so, your views?

i was going to put a poll on, but apparently i have to pay DU in order to do that...

political genius smoking out the hated counter-revolutionaries and guiding the prolatariate to a 200 seat endless majority in 2020, or a student politics clown who'd be out of his depth organising the proverbial?

SDSR 2015 - out in 3 weeks. views? predictions? thoughts?

i thought i'd start something on this before someone else did....

from what i read, see and hear, the winners* are going to be the RAF and RN, with the Army getting its come-uppance for lamentable performance from the general staff both on warfighting and organisational change and procurement.

some of the recent stories in the media would suggest that the Army staff are trying to fight back with utterly transparent articles about the need to save money on 'gold plated' projects like the Carriers, F-35, Typhoon, the Type 26 frigate programme, and the probable buy of Boeing P-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft to replace Nimrod.

one mght think that to start a campaign three weeks before the end of a process started 6 months ago culd be called incompetance...

*winners of course being a relate term - in 1990 the RAF had over 400 fast jets, now its around 150. in 1990 the RN had 3 carriers and 40 escorts - now its no carriers and 19 escorts...
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