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Member since: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 01:23 PM
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The " Mess At the Border"

The unpopularly elected so called leader of the United States of America, collectively known as either John Barron, or David Dennison, or is it Donald Trump, referred to the immigrants fleeing to America as “that mess at the border.”

How noble. In as much as I do believe that one must enter the country in the proper way, as my mother did after the second world war, having to have a rudimentary knowledge of the language, history and heritage of the United States, the people currently fleeing to our country are doing so to flee political persecution, religious persecution, societal persecution, economic persecution, and on and on. Imagine yourself in a situation where you do not know from one day to the next how you will survive in the coming days, months, or years.
There needs to be a way to remedy people fleeing persecution that satisfies both sides of the aisle, but to refer to it as a “mess” is the most pitiful excuse any so called leader can muster.

The comments by Mr. Dennison only exacerbate the denigration of American society by belittling those coming for help from what once was the greatest country in the world. What a fool he is, and what an embarrassment he is to MY America.

Secondly, and I apologize for the digression, but Mr. Barron does not own the Justice Dept. The fool recently claimed that “ my Justice Dept is corrupt.” ( to that effect). He is NOT the King of the United States, the Justice Dept. is not his, and I only hope that Mr. Mueller delivers the harsh reality of justice upon this buffoon.

Legislative deal: Sales tax holiday, $100 rebate per child

Source: Milwaukee Journal

Wisconsin would give parents a $100 per child rebate for this year only and pair that with a weekend sales tax holiday for all consumers, under a deal announced Thursday by Gov. Scott Walker and assembly Republicans.
The deal would provide a one-time $50M sales tax holiday for the first weekend in August that would cover all goods under $100, not just back to school purchases as Walker and some other Republicans had previously sought.
Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz said: “ The governor might as well save money on postage and just hand these checks out at polling places in November. Governor Walker is desperately trying to keep his job with this one-time kickback, but it’s not going to work.”

Read more: Link to source

How cheesy of the governor. His “you know what” is in a sling, so now it’s time to show the people of Wisconsin what a great guy he’s portending to be. I believe the correct term is called desperation. This after gutting the UW system and seeing the UW system lose world renowned professors, ripping apart unions to benefit the party, slashing wages to satisfy ALEC and the party with his Prevailing Wage bill, ( they loath workers, you know) ending freeway improvements because the state simply has no money to complete projects already in process, while signing Foxxcon to a deal that requires immediate and already started freeway enhancements for Foxxcons benefit, paying Foxxcon over a billion dollars in tax incentives - revenue that will be lost to the state, ( so now he’s talking highway tolls), having a mining company rewrite mining regulations behind closed doors and not allowing public or legislative debate or input on the issue, not allowing municipalities to have their own referendums on school related issues, stopping Talga from manufacturing trains cars in Milwaukee after a multi-million dollar contract was already signed. And on and on.
Now he wants us to think that all he cares about is us, when in reality, it’s just more snake oil coming from a “party first” governor who has nothing more on his mind than another hopefully pitiful presidential bid. Lord help is all, or should I say, “God bless your heartl”, Mr. Walker.
He can keep his stinking $100. I don’t need it. I don’t want it.

Lack of DNC leadership

I just sent an email to Tom Perez, head of the DNC, asking why, when we are about to have a major decision on gerrymandering from the Supreme Court, that the DNC has been so complacent.
This issue could determine the future of our country forever. Citizens United was the first nail in the coffin, and this could be the last, with total control remaining in the hands of Republicans.
Now is the time to blanket the country in awareness ads regarding the unprecedented danger of gerrymandering, since awareness is power, not only to the electorate, but to the Supreme Court.
If we lose this one, it’s all over, and the DNC will be just as much to blame as the Republicans.
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