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Elessar Zappa

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: New Mexico
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Apr 25, 2015, 05:08 PM
Number of posts: 9,865

Journal Archives

I noticed something today...

There are some posters who only post and get passionate about threads where a POC, especially someone Black, is being treated differently due to white privilege.
The question is... Why are they so eager to deny racism and white privilege? Why does that seem to be almost their sole reason for participating? It's infuriating.

Yesterday I cast my vote in NM for Bernie Sanders.

I'm so glad he ran and got a good amount of people to support him. Think about. A man that doesn't run from the word "Socialist" gave a former First Lady, Senator, and SOS a pretty good run for her money. I think the platform will reflect the more leftward tilt of the current Democratic Party.

That said, I'm now %100 a Hillary Clinton supporter against the wannabe fascist Donald Trump. We can't let a man who holds such bigoted, repugnant views into the WhiteHouse! If people doubt that Hillary is a true progressive, they should look at her website. Her positions are very much to the left, with the exception of foreign policy, which I would call centrist.

I'm with her, time to kick some Vulgar Yam ass!

Why are some people here seemingly happy that Trump "punked" Bernie?

It appears that a few people on this site are laughing along with Donald about the "joke" debate. I thought no "Trump-humping" was allowed? I don't like it when either side does the GOP's work for them.

ZombieWoof, Matcom, Rabrrrrr

Does anyone know what happened to those fellas?

Congrats Bernie!

On winning Oregon and almost getting Kentucky! 🎉 I'm glad he's staying in to let all states vote and spread his progressive message across all corners of the country.

My plea that everyone vote for the Dem nominee in Nov.

I'm a white guy with terminal Cystic Fibrosis, my low lung function prevents me from working more than around three hours a day. I rely on disability and expanded Medicaid from the ACA. I don't have the privilege of sitting at home or being a "Bernie or Bust" person. For me it's literally a matter of life and death. I may very well not survive if Trump were to win and precede to gut the ACA.

So any Bernie supporters who are planning to not vote for Hillary Clinton in the General Election, remember this: Many minorities, women, disabled, and/or poor may not survive a Trump presidency. I'm begging you to please reconsider and be empathetic to us.

Thanks for reading.

I admire President Obama.

I admire the fact that he at least tried to get Americans health care with the ACA. It's not perfect but it saved me from certain death.

I admire his standing firm in the face of Republican threats to shut down our government.

I admire him for being such a deeply caring family man.

I admire him for his many other economy saving measures, such as the 800 billion$$ stimulus, and the car buy back program that allowed me to trade my crappy 12 mpg pickup for a new Nissan Versa, only owing $5000, civil rights policies that protect LGBT, and many more. A true liberal in every sense of the word

I admire him for staying true to his Christian Faith and not let the right-wing fundamentalists define his spirituality.

I admire him for standing in the face of so much bigotry, venom, and hatred, all the while staying cool and calm as always, seeming to forgive them for their aggressive ignorance.

But perhaps most of all, I admire him for being the first Black President, serving an excellent role model for black children as well all POC,showing that despite our many flaws,that the sky is the limit. This is a great man, folks.

So thank you President Barack Obama, I'm gonna miss ya!

How do you like you burgers and what do you put on them?

I like mine with a 1/3 pound, freshly ground sirloin patty, cooked to medium rare, with a toasted bun and guacamole, green chile, tomato, and BBQ sauce.

How about you?


I've noticed that being anti-choice or anti-marriage equality are ban worthy offenses (and they should be!) but I think you should add one more. SS cuts. Imo, one can't be considered a liberal if they support SS cuts, that's a Dem core issue.

Frank Zappa fans

What are your favorite Zappa albums? Mine are Joe's Garage, Hot Rats, The Yellow Shark, and Zoot Allures.
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