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Member since: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 11:58 PM
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Biden: 'We're Sending a Message' to Putin - NBC News, Oct 14, 2016


Who remembers this? What are the implications of this bravado - are they still planning a response? Biden seemed to discount the ability of Russia to affect the outcome of the election (as you'd expect), but clearly they were concerned enough to hint at covert retaliation.

Holy f****** crap

Local station here in Boston just lead with a headline saying the CIA came out with a report saying that Russia interfered in our election to favor Trump? Seems like a bombshell if it's the lead story on local news.

Now 2.5 Million vote lead, 2% win


Pretty decisive win IMO; seems likely she just needed to appeal more to everyday blue collar economy/jobs issues and she would have carried the rust belt states. Shame we underestimated their ability to be duped by a lying piece of shit who said what they wanted to hear.

Uh-Oh, it seems like this place is going through the finger-pointing stage

Later, man.
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