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Member since: Thu Aug 20, 2015, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 7,720

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Porcupine Tree

Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

The Smithereens - Blood & Roses

Hell has frozen over.

A bipartisan bill for Medical Marijuana has been introduced in the North Carolina Senate!


Many thanks to my DU friend who

sent me a heart tonight.

Someone gave me a heart tonight.

Many thanks to my DU friend.

Thanking my kind hearted DU friend

for the heart this morning. What a nice way to sign in for the day, thank you.

Edit: And I should say friends, thanks again.

Thanks to all of you tonight for the hearts.

Your kindness is very much appreciated so thank you.

Got my first Pfizer vaccine at Greenville convention center this weekend.

It went pretty smooth. Looked like they were well organized, no waiting time. They were vaccinating ages 65 and above. They give you your appointment for the second shot 3 weeks later.

Here’s the link to make an appointment for those interested.


Looks like Trump has reestablished his rallies with his fly in - fly out strategy.

I guess he gets to use Air Force One at our expense to do this, or does this get billed back to his campaign to just go unpaid so we still have to pay for it?

Remembering Ric Ocasek

Passed one year today. RIP

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