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Member since: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 03:46 PM
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"Sanders seeks to disqualify two great liberals from convention" by Kos

Good read and something many of us are feeling.


Joan Walsh on Joy Reid

They are talking about the bizarre aids activists controversy with Sanders. Walsh remarks that Sanders always responds to criticism, regardless of how warranted the criticism is, by going ballistic (Weaver) and self-righteous (Sanders).

Sanders clip on Chris Hayes - What is wrong with his voice?

It sounds like he has crud in his throat. What could possibly be wrong?

Rachel talking about Sanders' loss in the Washington Primary

Sanders won caucus big, 26345 attended.
Clinton won primary 54-47, 719043 voted.

Rachel says this was a big psychological boost for Hillary and bad for Sanders' appeal to the Super D's to vote how their state votes.

The problem isn't Bernie Sanders' supporters. It's Bernie Sanders himself

That's the title of a near perfect Kos OP on the Front Page of DailyKos. There are too many good points to add here, please read it for yourself.

Here's the link:

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