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Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 08:42 PM
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Non Sequitur nailed it on House leadership.

Non Sequitur nailed it on House leadership.


Tell us your experiences with TEMU.

They seem to have some fantastic prices.
The reviews run the range from scam to manna at a cheap price.
Some presentations are like WISH... showing a cheap price but it's for a screwdriver while showing a tool set.

Gaetz Demands Congress 'Defund' Federal Law Enforcement

Isn't transporting minor girls across state lines a federal crime in some instances?

CPAC Crowd Cheers Wildly as Matt Gaetz Demands Congress ‘Defund’ Federal Law Enforcement

Hard right GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) received raucous applause at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday as he called for the end of various federal law enforcement agencies and the CDC, claiming they have been “weaponized” against conservatives.


I was wrong about Jimmy Carter.

I was wrong about Jimmy Carter.

When he first ran for the White House, I figured he was just another political Christian.
There are so very few genuine Christians of faith.
I was against him. I was wrong.

The primary face of Christianity in America today is that of dollars and intolerance.

The Bible is just a tool for them.

Religion and politics use each other to gain wealth and power.

Indoctrination is/is not...

Indoctrination is/is not...

I saw an expression about indoctrination but can't find it. I think it was in these forums.

Something like: Indoctrination is not exposing students/people to various ideas that you may not agree with.
Indoctrination is forcibly limiting the exposure to only the ideas you want the students/people to hear.
A much-debated question is whether and how education differs from indoctrination. Many theorists have assumed that the two are distinct and that indoctrination is undesirable, but others have argued that there is no difference in principle and that indoctrination is not intrinsically bad. Theories of indoctrination generally define it in terms of aim, method, or doctrine. Thus, indoctrination is either:
(1) any form of teaching aimed at getting students to adopt beliefs independent of the evidential support those beliefs may have (or lack);
(2) any form of teaching based on methods that instill beliefs in students in such a way that they are unwilling or unable to question or evaluate those beliefs independently; or
(3) any form of teaching that causes students to embrace a specific set of beliefs—e.g., a certain political ideology or a religious doctrine—without regard for its evidential status.

These ways of characterizing indoctrination emphasize its alleged contrast with critical thinking: the critical thinker (according to standard accounts) strives to base his beliefs, judgments, and actions on the competent assessment of relevant reasons and evidence, which is something the victim of indoctrination tends not to do.


When lunch disagrees with you...

When lunch disagrees with you...

Bannon: Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'Not Intellectually Capable'

Bannon: Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'Not Intellectually Capable’

Bannon Trashes ‘Terrible’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders SOTU Rebuttal: ‘She’s Not Intellectually Capable’

Don’t get me wrong. The wokeism is very important. But it’s not quite the heart of the matter right now, right? It’s not the heart of the matter. She is not–and the reason is she’s just not–she’s not intellectually capable of going to the heart of the matter, right? Let’s be blunt.



Evangelicals/Christians turning to DeSantis, Away from Trump?

Evangelicals/Christians turning to DeSantis, Away from Trump?

Influential evangelical Christians have turned against Trump after his 2024 announcement, report says

Super Christian Trump, beloved by his flock.

Openly bragged about his adultery, grabbing women by the pussy, and ridiculing holy communion.

Annointed/appointed by God.



How much classified material did Jared haul away?

How much classified material did Jared haul away?

He did not pass background checks for a top security clearance, so Trump had to order it given to him.

To Jared, a security clearance was a license to sell our country's secrets.

Boney M. - Rivers of Babylon

Boney M. - Rivers of Babylon (Sopot Festival 1979)

The girls are beautiful.

The keyboard player in the yellow headgear is jammin'.

Jiffy Pop Man could have stayed home.

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