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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,221

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Is it time for Fetterman to change his clothing style?

I love John.
Am really rooting for him.
In fact, he will be my FAVORITE Senator when he wins.
And I know this is petty.
But for optics sake, I think he should go away from the sweatshirts and wear regular shirts occasionally. Just in formal settings like sit down one on one interviews. Just wear a nice shirt.

Here’s some photos to compare.

We allowed the Murdoch family to ruin America.

When Fox News first came on the air, it was obvious that they would be delivering the same lies and propaganda that Rush Limbaugh and other talkers in right wing radio were doing.
However, they just did it visually with prettier packaging.
They had mostly beautiful blonde women wearing short dresses 👗 delivering the “news” while sitting at see through glass tables.
Former Fox employees and whistleblowers told us what was going on at Fox 🦊.
That they were in the hen house and were determined to tear down legitimate news gathering, punditry, and good journalism of any kind by making advocacy infotainment news the new norm.

America let this happen.
We allowed propaganda and lies to replace real news.
Those who distribute cable channels on different platforms (at least those not owned by the Murdoch’s) should have refused to carry Fox News.
When they didn’t, Fox became this huge THING that actually ate real American legitimate journalism.
And now those chickens are roosting with 6 votes on the SCOTUS and no pushback from most of the both siderism media outlets that are corporately owned and won’t just state the truth.
The real fair and balanced truth is that Rupert Murdoch tried to ruin Australian and British media and now he’s all but accomplished that in America.
And we Americans let it happen.
In broad daylight.

Helsinki Finland Trump/Putin summit translator needs to talk.

It’s time.
It’s time that all true American patriots that have any information or knowledge of Trump doing or saying anything that would do harm to our country to speak.
#1 would be the woman who sat in on the one on one meeting with Trump/Putin in Helsinki.
#2 would be Mark Burnett (the far right executive producer of “The Apprentice”). He has tapes.
He should provide all of them to the FBI.

And any others that will finally put country over cult must now come forward.
It’s now time to save our country from this traitorous con man and the totally corrupted apparatus of one of this country’s two political parties.
It’s time.

Hillary's tapioca recipe email vs Trump stealing nuclear ☢️ documents

You win 🏆 this one, Donald.

It's time, Rupert. You've made ur billions. Turn it over to Uday & Qusay.

Yes, I know the Hussein boys are no longer with us.
But, in their “honor”
I raise you up, Men of Murdoch’s loins… facist Lachlan and James (who isn’t full facist! Like his brother and daddy).
Rupert , you changed forever the way media does things in your native Australia and then your chosen homes to also ruin in the United Kingdom and the USA.
You can say that you reshaped the way that news was reported, ignored, and fabricated.
You can say that political parties and politicians have figuratively knelt before you and literally knelt before your appointed minions like Roger (wouldyoublowmedearblondebimbonewsreader) Ailes.

But, enough is enough.
Dump Trump before REAL VIOLENCE descends upon America.
You can find other facist Authoritarian wannabe politicians like DeSantis to do your bidding and give your two boys further stooges to rally around and get the MAGA types to remain under your thumb.
Only you can decide that it’s time to dump Trump and tell that to the 40% of insane brainwashed cultist Americans that follow your media creations and ONLY what they see, hear, and read on your creations.

It’s time to let Trump go, Rupert. And, then dear Rupert, step aside and retire.
It’s time.

So does Kansas change the narrative any on the House ?

Before last night’s glorious result in Kansas, it was just a GIVEN by every media person and outlet that the Dems have absolutely no chance at keeping the House of Representatives this November.
I’m just wondering if Kansas will just be considered a one off on only one issue or if it’s a shining beacon that there’s hope of keeping the House especially since the generic ballot polling on which party should control Congress continues to trend in the Dems direction. 😃

Why are Trump VOTERS not blamed for Trumpism?

Have you noticed, as I have, that whenever pundits go on and on about how election denying nutbag candidates have taken over the Republican Party that they stop there with the WHAT but they don’t do the hard work into delving into the more important WHY?

There could be no Trump, or Trump clones, or Trumpism if there wasn’t a market for it.
That should be what is examined.
Find out just What is so appealing about someone who is racist, anti woman, anti gay, anti semetic, anti Muslim…etc.
They love to be Just ANTI.
Anti everything that doesn’t look, sound, worship, and think like they do.

Here’s a story for you media folks.
It’s really THE story of our generation.
It’s the story of how the 1% with most of the money has turned their own souls and hearts into stone because of their massive greed for ALL of the money and ALL of the power.
But these extremely intelligent and politically savvy land barons know that they have to get some of the proletariat behind them (even if it’s only 30-40% of the populace) to have a little legitimacy in the eyes of the media to be able to pull off election fraud thru suppression and intimidation and, eventually, by changing all of the vote counting mechanism and procedures.

So, they go to the next biggest love in our nation besides money.
The search for the afterlife and the glorious eternity that many believe they will get if they just love the RIGHT people and hate the WRONG ones.
You know, things that Jesus taught.
So, they came up with this thing called the PROSPERITY GOSPEL that teaches (brainwashes) people that as Christians they should admire the super wealthy and aspire to be just as wealthy someday. They preach that GREED IS GOOD.
You know, Just like Jesus said.

So, now that their lower middle class (and generally lower educated) minions have bought into loving the 1%, these folks will gladly to the bidding of their overlords.
And, if there’s a byproduct that they can feel superior to the “overeducated liberal big city folks” who want to take the money from the overlords in “high” taxes and give it to the “lazy poor people (eg, blacks and browns) who “don’t want to work”, so much the better. Throw in some “let me keep ALL of my guns, no matter the type, make women have forced births no matter her circumstances, and scare up hatred for Adam & Steve down the block living together in sin”, and these minions will walk thru fire to vote for the authoritarian aristocracy that they hope will lead to a Gilead-like American White Christian Theocracy.

So, there’s your story, media.
That and a WARMING PLANET 🌎 that is on its way to destruction by the people on it.
Oh, yeah, there’s that minor thing.

So stop with covering just the show.
Yes, I know, it’s oh so exciting to show the outrageous.
But please stop Just covering the car wreck.
Please stop with elevating the con men with round the clock coverage.
Instead, we beseech you to Cover the unholy alliance of the aristocracy and their ultra religious right foot soldiers or soon we will all be living in Gilead.
Please help us keep our democracy because you know what authoritarians think about a free press. They don’t want one and they won’t have one.

Anyone that's for forced pregnancy should be forced

to adopt a baby.
That’s after they are forced to watch all of the rapes in The Handmaids Tale.

I'd love to see polling on the following question:

Who do you think we will see first through last as President?
1 a married straight white female
2 a married straight non white female
3 a white Christian lesbian
4 a non white Christian lesbian
5 a gay white Christian male
6 a gay non white Christian male
7 a straight white male atheist
8 a straight non white male atheist
9 a gay white female atheist
10. a gay non white female atheist

(Please rank them in YOUR order of happening soonest to latest) OR if you agree with my ordering just say that you agree with my 1 thru 10 ranking.

Any chance the 1/6 Committee or DOJ will subpoena Pence

Why not do it?
He’s a private citizen now.
Let him defy the subpoena. Get that on the record.
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