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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,222

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Any chance the 1/6 Committee or DOJ will subpoena Pence

Why not do it?
Heís a private citizen now.
Let him defy the subpoena. Get that on the record.

Hypothetical DOJ question about Pres Biden

So, just mull this over.
Say, in a few months, the DOJ announces they will not indict Trump.
Would and should Biden consider replacing Garland?
Maybe With someone like Preet Bharara or Sally Yates.
I know this would be terribly off brand for Biden
I know that he has previously said he would stay out of this.
But since then the 1/6 Committee has clearly shown that Trump deserves punishment for SOMETHINGÖ
Doesnít he? Or is my hatred for Trump clouding my judgment?

Ever tried to explain the Electoral College to a non American?

I have.
They think itís crazy.
They donít understand how a candidate could get more (and sometimes many million more) popular votes but still not be elected President.
Our nation is so backwards in so many ways and the current GOP wants to take us back even further.
Sigh 😔

What the RW wants is Gilead from the Handmaids Tale.

If youíve never seen the show, itís a takeover of America by ďBiblical puristsĒ.
You should watch it, if youíve never seen an episode.
Just google it to find where itís streaming that you can access.

"So what", "don't believe it", "who cares", "it doesn't matter" crowd.

So in the last six years, think of all the times that weíve thought that THIS IS IT.
Heís gone too far for even his most staunch supporters and defenders.
And every time weíve been wrong.
Iím wondering if there can be ANYTHING that would make at least 25% of his followers leave.
I canít really think of anything that they would believe and would be so bad to turn them.
Itís past hero worship, cult followings, brainwashing.
Itís a sickness that has stolen so many of the minds of so many of our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.
I 😢 weep for my country. I really do.

I still hope against hope that the DOJ or the people in Georgia can bring him and many of his sycophantic cronies to some sort of justice or accountability.
I know if you are reading this, that you do too.
Your fellow believer in democracy.

Can you bring a +1 with you to vote?

Hereís my ask of anyone who reads this.
Between now and the November midterms, I am challenging you to find someone that votes for Democrats when they DO vote. However, the person just votes in Presidential years and not the midterms.
I bet we all know at least one person like that.
Your challenge is to get that person to vote in the midterms.
I just accomplished that with a cousin of mine.
Anybody willing?

Will the DOJ subpoena Pence and Meadows.

They are the two biggest fish out there that could put the nail in Trumps coffin, if they were smart enough to turn on him.

Unbelievable take on todays hearings by CNN pundits.

Jamie Gangel and Jake Trapper stated:
Yes, itís established that Trump was in on the Jan 6 planning.
Yes, he knew about the vigilante groups coming and that they were armed.
Yes, he told them to leave the ellipse and go to the Capitol.
But, then they said ďbut thereís no real direct link to show his intent for violence thereĒ.

So any legal beagles out there tell if Iím wrong.
If this is the standard to indict someone, would ANY mafia boss ever be prosecuted?

I guess people like Gangel and Tapper only would indict Trump if they found proof where he specifically said that he wanted the mob to storm the Capitol and kill Pence, Pelosi, and any other enemies of his.

Call out the WCHWM and campaign against them.

The WCHWM (White Christian Heterosexual White Men) have always run this country.
Now, they not only want to run it. They want to exclusively run it and take away the rights of anyone who is not a WCHWM.

So, if you are not all 5 of these:
Then you are a LESSER person in their eyes and you should have no civil rights, human rights, or equal rights other than those that their Autocracy decides that you may have.

If I were running any Democratic campaign, I would sneak in those letters everywhere.
ďStop the autocratic attempted complete takeover of America by the WCHWMís.Ē
There is a huge majority of Americans that is NOT a wealthy, Christian, heterosexual, white, male.
Rally them to our side by explaining what giving them even more power than they currently have will mean to the rest of us.

Has anyone seen a series called The Undeclared War

Itís a British series about Russian manipulation of cyberspace against the British.
Iím just three episodes in but itís pretty good.
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