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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,209

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It should no longer be called an insurrection. Call it the ATTEMPTED COUP.

Clearly thatís what it was.
Led by and designed by Donald Trump and the Republicans.
Pound that language from now until the midterms.

Someone please explain Biden's low polling.

I know thereís high inflation and gas prices
But those are GLOBAL problems not just American
After living thru Trump, Biden should be polling at 60 per cent approval or more.

Please don't ask Luttig anything else. Just ask Keebler Elf Guy.

Luttig comes off like Mueller did in his final interview. Not all there.

Are Georgia Hispanics moving away from the Democrats?

Last night, looked like Texas Hispanics are moving to GOP.
That nerd numbers guy on CNN has been practically orgasmic about it all morning.

This has all been Purposely done by the Authoritarians

So many of us here who call ourselves progressives and support an equitable society have seen this coming.
They purposely dumbed down America.
No more Civics courses taught in schools.
Higher Education berated.
Bigotry, Sexism, Homophobia allowed to foment, and in some instances, sanctioned.
And more there chickens are ready to roost with a 6 member SCOTUS.
They are ready to test us by taking away a right that has been given.
Overturning Roe will be their first big test.
If they do that, and still win both Houses in November, they will be emboldened to go further.
They want a white Christian male led Autocracy and will use Trump and other con men like DeSantis to achieve their goals.
And will we fight back?
And, if so, how?
They have most of the guns and have been ďjonesingĒ for a second Civil War.
So gird your loins, my friends.
No matter what the 1/6 Committee delivers and how Garland proceeds, there will be quite a reaction.
Will America survive it?
Probably not in our current form.

Will DOJ respond to the public hearings or even "leak" something.

IMHOÖThe most important person to impress with the 1/6 hearings is Merrick Garland.
After the six part hearings end, I will be watching closely to see if there are any hints that the hearings have made the AG any more intent to fully go after Trump and those nearest him.
If he doesnít, for whatever reason such as a fear of violence, Iím afraid that our democracy dies as Democrats and Independents just give up.
But, and this is the optimistic me, if the hearings seem to be so overwhelmingly conclusive, then the GAME will then be truly on.
Democracy vs A Christian Taliban autocracy.
America will choose in the November midterms.
Yes, inflation and gas prices will be used to deflect. But, we must proceed to get justice.
Insurrection, some might call it treason, can not be tolerated or ignored.

Can someone start a 1/6 thread, for those of us who can't watch live

Thanks, in advance.

Anyone know how long Rachel will only work 1 night on MSNBC?

I guess one night per week is better that none.
But it seems odd to me that MSNBC would use their biggest prime time spot on someone only working Mondays unless this is just a short term thing while Maddow finishes up some other projects and then comes back to her show full time?

Biden should call out Rupert Murdoch by name.

Not just Tucker Carlson or Fox News.
Say the owner of Fox News name and that his employees are peddling hate.
Maybe even publicly invite him to the White House to discuss the subject.

What uncomfortable things will We/Me now do to save democracy.

So there can no longer be any doubt about what we are up against and what they will do.
The only question is what WE will do to stop them between now and the midterms.
For me:
I am going to stretch my comfort zone by;
Telling family, friends, and acquaintances why Iím going to work to elect Democrats in November.
I donít like confrontation (in fact, I hate it).
But, if need be, I will state my exact feelings about what voting Republican means to me and how I just can not waste my time right now socializing with those who will vote Republican.
After November, I may well go back to those relationships.
But, for now, my time and disposable income will be spent trying to elect Democrats both in my area and nationally.
I will door knock, phone bank, distribute yard signs, post on social media, bring food to other volunteers. Whatever Iím asked to do. Whether I like the task or not. I will do it.
So I challenge all progressives reading this to double your efforts too.
Our democracy depends on it!
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